Thesis Theme-Pain of head.Any of the GURUs Please help me for the codings.

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    Day before yesterday I had bought the thesis theme for my site. And I have been working hard for 2 days to launch thesis theme on my site.
    But in between i am getting some problems which are something that i have never heard of. And even i dont have any knowledge about the coding.
    I have also found and seen many tutorials on the web but none of them acctually helped.
    My problems are:
    1)I want to add two navi bars on the header. for example I have taken the screenshot from one of the sites 'Gadget Cage' which is using thesis theme.
    2)I want to add fotter with categories, recent posts, etc just as shown in the below image.

    3)I cannot add thumbnails to my posts using this theme.

    Please give me some codes so that I can directly use them and solve the problems. Because I have suffered very much for these problems and now i am worried as i cannot launch it on my site.

    This forum has always helped me in my problems and i hope that even this time I will get the solution.
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    If you bought, you should have access to their forum? TONS of helpful people there. Not saying that somebody here can't help you out ...good luck.
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