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Discussion in 'CPA' started by infinite22, Jan 22, 2009.

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    So I have read a lot about the CPA applications and whatnot, i don't have a website but I am thinking about buying a domain and hosting so i can have one to apply with... but I had some questions that i got tired of searching for...

    1)What does it need to look like, i was planning on just doing a wordpress blog since im not very skilled with the web design, im assuming this is ok based on others stories but what content should it have, what should it be about, could someone give me a example link of something that would work?

    2)When i call them back... can i call them right after i apply or should i wait a couple hours or a day or something?

    3)do i need to buy a .com domain or can i just use something cheap like a .info without hurting my credibility?
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    I don't know a ton about CPA acceptance but I will tell you what I do know.

    Generally they just want you to have good content, and they want you to use that content to direct traffic and such. If you have good content and you call them maybe right after you apply or maybe the next day you should be alright. That's what I did and you just answer their questions. They generally ask what kind of traffic you will use and how you will direct it.. I think that's the big thing for them.

    I'm not an expert though.
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    I think generally if you have decent content (no porn) and a relatively nice site, you should be okay. I have several web sites and haven't had a problem getting AF sites to accept me. They are all wordpress blogs but privately hosted (not on I have applied to many AF sites and been accepted to all of them except for one. The one that didn't accept me probably would have but I played phone tag with the rep who called a couple days and then they just sent me an email saying I wasn't accepted. I wrote them back and told them to stick it where theres no sunshine because they just did that cuz their rep couldn't answer the phone or call me back within several hours of me calling her.

    Anyway, kind of a rant but you're better off picking a relatively main-stream subject and doing a blog with one or two articles. Maybe do a couple or three pages of autoblog stuff from caffeinated content or something.

    Yes, some of these sites are CPA
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    I can speak from my limited experience, I just got approved for my first one. I need to call the other one back and see what it holding up that application.

    I think you probably just need a decent whitehat site with some decent content. While I was talking to the rep she was on my site asking me questions about if I wrote the content and what methods I was going to use to promote. My answer was web and PPC. I got the approval mail about two minutes after getting off the phone.

    I should mention I applied, waited a few days, then called when I new they where closed and left a professional message. She called me back the next morning no long afteer they opened.
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    I recently applied to my first 2 CPA programs (maxbounty and cpaunderground) with a free blogspot blog on biz-opp. you can pm for its link to see it, but it is seriously only 1 post, with nothing fancy.

    on the application though, i said i DON'T use the website much, but instead i have multiple landing pages to promote offers through PPC. I got accepted into cpaunderground with no call. with maxbounty i missed the call, called him back but he missed it, and then he just accepted me via email, apologizing for the inconvenience.
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    InternetNinja, they will auto-deny after a certain amount of time-- if you just get in touch even after you're denied then they'll approve.

    1) Here's a link I found on Google:

    That can get you accepted but you need to say you mostly promote with PPC. You can say you're going to work more on your site or hire someone or whatever, but mostly PPC. Any content really. It also depends on network. Some will want a nice site.
    2) You can call them right up... you should.

    3) You could use .info but some networks might scrutinize for that. .com's are $5 at netfirms-- coupon is 104domspecial
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