The warez side of this forum is overwhelming, here is a solution

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    Feb 7, 2008
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    The warez side of this forum is overwhelming, I mean, this forum has great potential and that is the reason I am here. There are members receiving praise for warez post where you can get it from the original source. I don?t have a problem really with downloads, but my computer has become infected once or twice, then it is the I don?t remember the password incident on the thread, threads that go on and waste members time. I love downloads nevertheless, especially helpful ones, but the problem is people don?t use what they share which why incidents are made, something like ?practice what you preach?. What I will not consider warez, is if the uploader used the software and it benefited them in some way which it can benefit me. I don?t want to think of another vanillashare forum at all. I too did not just make this thread to complain about this issue, I am here to give a simple solution for people to find their own downloads without relying on members who main goal is to upload away to the point of saturation and forum domination. I see good unique tips going down at the bottom of the forum, when the same downloads that I saw on vanillashare is rising up on the forum. The sad fact is that within the mindset of the members who distribute downloads a lot; they grow to think that when someone debates with them, they have the ?right? to lash back. I am a new member in physical, but I know the members around here.

    They argue and then expect to win, they feel as though because much members are not contributing downloads, they are the only ones who know how to obtain them, that?s far from the truth, because some people really believe the forum has true potential. I hope from this day forth, members can share stuff that they have tested and used for themselves. I really turn my head now when I see a thread in downloads section. I will pass on a little tip that will help people find downloads on their own so they can do personal research without the hassle of a middle-man.

    Go to Google and then search ?(product name) + (file sharing service)?, of course you must replace the variables for what you are searching for, for example ?rich jerk will give me rapidshare links to the rich jerk e-book. You can use this tip on any file sharing service, it worked for megashare and others.

    Honestly, I would love to see a decrease in members downloads. I would love more useful tactics to be discussed rather than downloads when you can get them without a middleman.

    Sincerely Yours,
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    There is a thread made sticky that explains to everyone how they can get downloads, including links to specialized marketing warez forums, but people does not seem to use them.
    There are also some people who can get exclusive downloads for our forum even before the actual product launches- and we thank them on this way- as well as people who created reports on their own and shared them here for free.
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    Actually, I think someone UN-stickied that post for some reason...

    Edit: I take that back, someone deleted the thread! And after I put so much work into it.. j/k
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    I was thinking that because i found a program i wanted on one of those sites and tried to find the site list again, so i could download it, now i've backed up and freed up some room on my tiny Harddrive!