The value of Facebook likes? (500 Free Seeds)

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by EFFbishesAQUIREmoney, Jun 5, 2011.

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    I've only done Twitter marketing thus far and I understand the value of having various followers, and with thousands of seeds on Twiends and other similar sites, I am able to purchase a lot of FB likes as well.

    But I haven't really dealt with FB marketing yet, so my question is: How does increasing your FB likes help promote your landing page? How many likes should you aim for (100, 1000, 10,000 etc.) Basically how does having (for example) 1000 likes on a page fare more beneficial than having 100 likes, because they're all artificial likes.

    I will provide free use of 500 seeds on Twiends for whatever you want (Twitter, FB likes, Youtube) if you provide me with a detailed answer--something that will also provide me with FB marketing knowledge and encourage me to now pursue that.

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    I'm also starting some serious FB marketing - testing some services this week, but I look for geo-targeted likes.

    What I definitely will give a try is this new "FB BlackHat APP" that is coming up from a member, and then doing the profiles with better targeted people for myself.

    As far as of likes, it's like you need to advert something, that people want to discuss abou!

    Let's say:
    - Viral funny videos / serious YouTube channel ( my team )
    - Maybe postin a little girl strip & saying it's yourself. Then just wait and ewhore the suckers ;)
    - Free stuff ( CPA ) or for a client I'm looking into ( He gives away a trip to LA :p )

    That are some things, where people would talk about. This way when they post on your wall, all their friends see it too = Thing is gonna go viral!

    Maybe my view of it helps you out a little bit ;)
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    Just to give you a little background of what I do so you can use my knowledge to the best of your ability.

    My experience with Facebook Fanpages has come from the Celebrity aspect. I do celebrity management and have some names under my belt that would make your head spin. One of my main clients having a facebook fanpage with 2,500,000+ "Likes"

    These likes were achieved from being on TV so she did not have to work for them or use any type of software to achieve them... these are real fans, as her manager whenever I post a link to her website for a product or interesting news update EVERY SINGLE ONE of those 2,500,000 "Likes" gets the status update from the page on in their NEWS FEED so figure a HUGE percentage will actually see what she is promoting. This floods her personal website with tens of thousands of people and directly converts into sales, CPM, CPC marketing etc.... Right now the facebook fanpage market is huge for advertisers that can get ahold or create pages with hundreds of thousands of "Likes"

    hope this helps!
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    i think every single like is valuable, real or not. the more likes you have, the bigger your page looks. the more people will think of you. its like having more friends. it will also get other people to like your page and put you higher in search results.

    that being said, here is my facebook page :)
    it's facebook..... /ncgband
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