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Nov 20, 2008
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Many of you are using content to rewrite that can be easily cause copywrite issues. Many of you are having this issues with PM's I am getting.

Archive has many articles and some have lost the copywrite. An easy way is to find some artilces and even books is just do a search to see what you can use. It will prevent you from getting in trouble with copywrite. I found a good book on there that I had my outsourcer take bits out. It worked perfect! It was also 100% legal. The book was from the late 1800's.

One thing is that you do have to become a member to upload articles. My suggestion is to hire someone to find articles on there and do it for you :). 20 a day at 50 cents each will make you about 50 to 60 dollars profit. Easy money!

You can also use this idea for web content.

Someone did post this idea awhile ago but I do not see anyone using it and I cannot find the post. Use it!
Anyone interested in reviewing a brief summary on copyright issues might want to check this out Yes, it's a bit confusing. One thing that you should take note of is that if it was published pre 1923 then it's now open to the public or public domain. This creates a LOT of possibilities as far a gathering free content.
That is right gun-shy. I am looking at books about old meds right now. And I thought some BH techniques were fraud.
I think it still classifies as BH, IMO but if it's pre-1923 then it's not all. You can use the "stuff" however you want.

Obviously there's going to be a lot of subjects that are outdated but with a little imagination and some re-writing....:D
I've got a few rPM's about rewriting. Yes, still rewrite archive articles. We don't want to be submitting the same articles
I'm ridiculously bad with It has two input fields, one for the URL of an expired domain, and another to search stuff. Now when I search for a keyword, it doesn't return anything. No websites, no nothing. And I can't enter in an address of an expired domain, because I don't know of any that would be useful to me. I messed with it for quite some time now, and still haven't figured it out. I was able to get texts from old books. Seemed sorta pointless though, because they're whole chapters, not articles.
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