The UPS Delivery Driver's Manual - Page 13


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Sep 1, 2009
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How true...


haha seems about right. USPS does that also. I got the postal man suspended 2 weeks no pay because he didnt want to walk up a flight of stairs
No offense but that's an asshole thing to do. he's got a mouth(s) to feed as well.
And. I had money to make and because he was to lazy to walk up the stairs I lost money for that day because I didnt get my package in time and I had to chase him down to get it..
The money you lost that day wasn't as significant to you as the money the delivery guy lost over 2 weeks obviously. And "chase him down" is very dramatic for what probably occurred.
It could had been more money lost for me, if I didnt smarten up and realize what happen. And it was not his first time doing this to me and other people had complained about him as well which led to suspension. So it really wasnt just me, it was all the complaints he was getting. I just pushed it there. But yea the money lost was more then his 2 week pay
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Well he sounds like he needed a break then haha :) I hate wanker delivery men.
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