The unnatural links message from the big G!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cloakme, Mar 25, 2012.

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    I want to back up a bit. Before I talk about my letter from the big G, I honestly was going to post a thread thanking this forum. I have not been on this forum to long but have learned quite a bit off many others posts in this community. I have taken a website that did not have one keyword ranked on it and now have 30 keywords on the first page. Many in the top 3. Some actually have two pages for the same keyword in the top three. My website is not for Adsense but for my own company. I have big time players I outrank like Trip Advisor and Expedia.

    This all has to do to this forum!!!!!!

    I know that link diversity seems to be the key. I have done every kind of back-link you can do for a site. In the beginning I did a few scrapebox blasts but your talking under a couple hundred. I don't even use this anymore do to everything I saw on the forum. I basically use it for all their addons. I have used spun articles but have made sure they are all readable and broken down from synonym to paragraph level. This is for using SE NUke X, Ultimate Marketing Demon and also AMR. I also get Twitter, Facebook, and Google +1's. Quite a few links I get from all this I do tier two linking. I have never done tier three. I use bookmarks and no hands SEO for this. never had any Xrumer blasts at all. I have also had many press releases go out with PR Web and to directories. All in which I have diversified on different pages along with keywords. A lot of links on different pages say for more information click here etc. I have tried not to over optimize and use different types of links on the website.

    I always set the schedule on everything to make the back-linking look natural along with never pinging these to indexing services. I let big G find them on its own.

    I used Build My Rank recently and I believe this is where the G has caught me with my pants down. It has gotten a little breezy in here. LOL After they got hit I received the unnatural links letter.

    I haven't replied to them and I don't intend to either but I haven't seen my site drop at all. I have seen it go up today on a few keywords but mostly everything is still steady and I even heard that there has been a new G Panda update today.

    Or maybe they haven't hit me yet. I am just not sure. Time will tell this....

    I plan on just keep building back-links to the site at the same rate. Which by the way is a slow pace. I never try to make tens of thousands of back-links to my site in a week. Who can honestly do this naturally?

    I bought some different domains for the domain for the same business when I bought the domain name in question just in case I F-cked the site up when I was learning. I can always take a new keyword and flip over all my content from this website on an aged domain and start white hat link building if that is what it boils down to but I have ranked so well in the last 4 months that I was blown away myself.

    I am sure someone will ask so I am putting it here. All my content on the website is truly unique. Except on some posts in the blog we push out. Half are our original excerpts and half from others.

    I use WP Robot to put fresh content on my blog about my topic but I do not take the links out from who it came from. I give them full credit.

    I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on if If my compass is pointing in the right direction or if you believe the damn thing is broken sailing me out to see with a broken paddle.
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    People have seen rankings drop few weeks after receiving unnatural links letter, so wait and keep your fingers crossed.

    Also, keep up quality backlinks and foster your twitter and facebook community for looking natural to G