The ultimate TOPLIST / VOTELIST Workaround

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    All About TOPSITES

    Well, ive noticed that many guys are looking for a way to get higher rankings/listings on toplists.

    So here we go.......

    Actually there are some BIG Scripts used for Topsites like: AutoRank PHP, Aardvark Topsites and many more....

    To get your ranking position higher, you first have to figure out what kind of toplist youre trying to manipulate.

    AutoRank PHP for example can be runned as iframe toplist even as vote list ( with vote gateway)

    IF youre trying to manipulate a iframe topliste, well the easiest way will be:

    <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    This will create a 1x1 pixel iframe which will improve your ranking for your site on the specified IFRAME toplist.


    This is the simplest way and also easy to detect for the admin of the toplist.
    you can read more at the board there are many possibilities to hide a link ;)
    I always say: let it looks like naturally growing. SO if youre site was place 110 i would say not to go to place 1 between a short time period.
    better to let it grow over weeks/months and climbing small to the top.

    Also this Technic will help you IF you allready have a site with some visitors on.
    If youre going with a fresh visitorless site i maybe have a other possibility for you.

    TOPLIST with VOTE-Gateway

    Well alot of toplists, topsites, votelists aso are using nowadays a vote-gateway which requires a 2nd click.
    Thats to avoid guys using the first method ive posted.

    First the "Classic One"

    Go an Grab this peace of software. its a trial version and fully working so theres no need to spent some bucks out for it.

    Start the Software
    Click on the Proxie Servers
    go to or to your favorite place to collect proxies
    Add them to the proxies
    Right click: Check proxies
    delete the bad ones
    Go to Accounts
    Press F2 (add account)
    To Bannercode youre posting your html code
    NOW you have to take a look at the sourcecode of the vote-gateway ( simply take a look at the source code)

    ...Non important content skipped...
    <form action="enter.cgi" method=POST>
    <input type=hidden name=id value=123>
    <input type=hidden name=ad value=456>
    <input type=submit name=go value="Click here to continue">
    ...Non important content skipped...

    it will look something like this.

    "enter.cgi" thats exactly what ive been looking for ;)

    back to our little application we`re going to add enter.cgi
    to "analyse clicks"

    just use edit reffer to make sure you add your site for reffer
    connect via proxies
    and if you have a huge load of working proxies i always would use "use only not transparent proxies"

    just start. and thats it ;)

    but nowadays it became really hard to collect proxies so ive noticed after ive collected 20.000 working elite proxies,
    the first 8000 where dead until i was able to use them.
    also the proxy subscribe services are mostly just a waste of money.
    ive tested alot of different services and no one was able to satify me.
    or atleast to privde me with enough good proxies so i would be able to work with them.

    so ive figured out a 2nd method.
    Much easier to set up and are working mostly the same ( for smaller usesage mostly)

    First grab you this peace of software:

    ( its trial ware and working for 30 days. so there is no need to spend your hard earned bucks for it.
    after trial period is over just use a other macro recorder or tool/extension)


    i used for my "tests" a portable version of firefox and under data privacy : delete private data if firefox got closed
    so i solved the cookie problem actually.

    after it just set up a dial-up connection with your ISP
    (if youre using a router google for a router reset tool like cryptload f.e.)

    now the important part:
    set your page with the vote gateway as startpage on your portable firefox.
    close it
    start the recorder
    dial-up to inernet
    open firefox
    click on the votepage
    click on the vote button (2nd click) on the gateway page.
    close firefox
    disconnect from inet
    stop macro

    you now can easily set up runtimes at your macro recorder to 1000. so you get 1000 votes ;)

    thats how most big sites are getting so many clicks on a vote page ;)

    i hope i was able to help some of you ;)
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    thanks so much for the tutorial.. I was one of those looking for topsite cheats.. I have yet to try this and will ask questions once I encounter some difficulties :)
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    Anyone know the way to cheat for aardvarktopsite if they don't have vote gateway but rather ranking by stat?
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    I know this is an old thread but I'm hoping Mr. Tofast4u could give a list of scripts that can power these top sites. Currently you put aardvark and auto rank. Could you please list the rest? Really helpful thread btw. Thank you
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    yes i woulnt mind to share it with you. but i lost my old account data. i contacte Blackhat Admins allready a couple of times.
    but no support any more.... seems like things changed at BHW. the old glory days are long gone.....