The Ultimate BHW Swipe File!

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    Hey B-Hatters!

    I thought it might be a cool and useful idea if we broke out our personal swipe files and gave-up some of our most powerful, guarded titles for ebooks and headlines for squeeze page/ sales letters. This would be a great help to anyone here who needs some quick ideas.

    Probably the most useful way to approach it is to put them in a "Fill-in-the-blank" format.

    I will start us off below:

    Ebook Title: "Forbidden Secrets Of _______________________________"

    Headline/Ebook Title: "___________The Experts Don't Want You To Know!"

    Headline/Ebook Title: "How To ________________ In 3 Minutes Or Less!"

    Ebook Title: "The Secret Book Of ____________________________"

    Ebook Title: "The Ultimate Guide To __________________________"

    Headline: "You Are About To Discover The Most _________________"

    Headline: "How To Literally _____________________ In Just 24 Hours!"

    Headline: "Do Not Read This Unless _________________________"

    Headline: "Who Else Wants To _____________________________"

    Headline: "________________ Guaranteed To ____________________"

    Headline: "Amazing Breakthrough Reveals __________________________"

    Headline: "If You've Got Just 30-Minutes Per Day, Then _______________"

    Headline: "Discover How To _________________ That Sells Like Crazy!"

    Headline: "Learn The Quickest, Easiest Way To ____________________"

    Headline: "Now, You Too Can _________________________ In 3 Easy Steps!"

    Ebook Title: "The Idiot-Proof Guide To _________________________"

    Headline: "Now You Can ___________For Less Than The Price of A Hamburg!"

    Okay . . . I'm sure you get the idea by now . . . So let's see what you got! . . . and don't hold back the good stuff. . . Give us your best!

    Cheers! - "WizGizmo"
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