The truth is never the numbers, Facebook almost run me mad 1145 clicks, 600 sign ups

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    I have been no magician in the online world, I have tried somethings, I have seen some successes but I have also seem my fair share of horrors.
    The last time I posted, I share how I did a small ad on Facebook and the crazy results I saw. So I went again to fiddle with the facebook ads, split test and had my nerves almost left me.

    I am not gonna be arguing today, I want to layout some basic premise.

    I sell 2 products in the college age market space , I focus on the Foreign market the nature of my course and book target them. So I split tested 4 ads, 2 in Continental Africa and 2 in the Caribbean and I was surprise. When dumping $87 into ads between 7/30 and 8/3

    I got over 658 clicks, with these clicks I got immediate sign ups, I was totally amazed at the fact that over 500 people signed up. Now here is where my nerves almost left me.

    1. In Continental Africa - i marketed a free book with just shipping at $24.99, I established a local agent since most people cannot pay online, however even though the agent field about 75 phone calls, NONE did not buy. About 250 send me emails asking me to send them the book free, from SA all the way back to Nigeria and Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya. None did not buy.

    2. I did an Interview with a University Administrator, and it generated 300 phone calls to the University from the same region.

    3. I marketed the Step by Step Course in the Caribbean, I sold 15 @ $297, and [email protected] $99.00 but I had about 175 sign ups.

    4. I then marketed the book in the Caribbean and got 350 sign ups but sold NONE...Zero....Zilch...

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    I have found that the credibility of interviewing a University Administrator did a good job to market the course but not the book and that anyone can sit down and cry like I did and say the system dont work. I have also found that when you hit a wall, you just have to keep on beating away. I even posted an ad for affiliates and got NONE to sign up but I still continued to push forward. I email ppl and ask for JV too, waiting for the first....:(

    My biggest regret is that I did not believe I could have sold a product online. I had all the misconceptions....I am selling to people who aint got money, I dont think I can sound good to them, blah blah...

    I have literally sat down and chat with ppl on FB and sold about 12 books...not alot but I sold them...they paid, they used paypal, and credit cards, all these things I heard people saying are major hurdles. I have not tested many regions because I am taking my time but I am also looking for either JV partners who can do better copy writing and sales page design. I used a basic Optimized Press, Integrate a few videos and also a design header.

    I choose to post this as an update to the last post I did and to let people know a few things,

    1. Facebook Ads is a mini science, I spent 3 days with 6 ads the first time to get it right.
    2. Facebook Ads aint a cookie cuter formula, when the ad had ppl fulling up my inbox from Africa, they were not clicking in Antigua, Trinidad and Barbados.
    3. A webinar is not always the best solution and selling online to third world is not a waste of time. I am almost sure that I will sell to them African ppl who full up my Aweber account with their name and email.

    4. The Art of doing a great survey is essential. I did a survey and got over 30 ppl to give me details of what should be included into the course, what the book should entail and why they wanted to pay $297 - $497 for a course verses $99.

    If you read this post and you at a cross road and you think you can give up, I want to encourage you, some ppl will help you, some will cuss you out and some will buy. At the end of the day, what's in your bank account matters. You can give up if no one join your parade or you can keep plowing away and see the other side of the story. I am still updating my designs, adding a woobox to enhance the presentation and I will continue to move forward.

    Lastly, my product is actually search directed, however, when you starting out and you aint know all the techy stuff, dont let that get you back. I posted a video on youtube and it got crazy likes and is viewed by over 75 different countries according to the analytics on Youtube, and they are still watching it today, the whole long video, this is just about month 3 of the video so if they finding it via search, they can come into your site and sign up if you are offering quality content.

    Keep moving forward....take the next step!