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The TRUTH Behind the "Get Google Ads Free' ebook"

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by concentustech, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. concentustech

    concentustech Junior Member

    Jan 16, 2008
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    USA & UK
    Home Page:
    Ok the facts behind this so called FREE Google Ads.

    Join gazillions of people who are finding out
    how hard it is to stand out from the crowd if everyone is using the
    same sales copy. Also discover how high the return and refund rate
    is for this product. A Clickbank record, apparently. In fact, this
    ebook is such a waste of time, I'm going to tell you right now that
    there are no 'free google ads', and that this shyster is trying to
    con your ass by using what he believes is 'clever' language both in the
    naming of his 'product', and the 'content' of the book. He fails,
    obviously. Point is - don't expect any revelations. This ebook is a
    great steaming pile of longhorn droppings.

    Page 1 is a big picture of a box (standard soap-carton style),
    bearing the legend "Get $1 millions in Top search engine pay per
    click advertising - BUT FREE" (sic). Sounds too good to be true?
    Obviously. And the catch? read on. BTW, IMHO, this is the lamest,
    most misleading and downright untruthful ebook I've ever come
    across, so expect strong language from MG throughout.

    Page 2 jumps right in there, and asks you to become an affiliate,
    begging you to start pumping this shoddy product before the author
    has even bothered to explain what it is. Nice. You do get 75%
    commission if you can push a copy onto some poor newbie sucker,
    though, so if you have no morals at all, you might want to consider
    it. Mugging cripples can also be financially rewarding, too,

    Page 3 is more of the same, promising you that you can make
    zillions by finding cerebrally challenged credit card holders to
    buy this nonsense from you. The author ('JCL') promises to give you
    all the sales materials you want, so you can at least be on an even
    keel with the zillionss of other shady get r!ch quacks who are
    trying to promote this.

    Page 4, 5 and 6 are the table of contents, suggesting that this is
    this quite a long ebook, which it isn't. Considering the one line
    nature of the 'secret' it supposedly reveals, a table of contents
    is frankly optimistic. Page 7 starts with a testimonial from 'Lisa
    Brooks', a 'Fashion Consultant', allegedly making $61,000 a month.

    If she's making THAT much, why is she still calling herself a 'fashion consultant'?
    And why is the photo of 'Lisa' a stock image available all over the web?
    Could this be mendacity, perchance???

    The rest of this page offers reasons why Pay Per Click advertising
    is so useful (it's targeted, immediate, and you can split test with
    it immediately). The "Get Google Ads Free" author seems to think it
    also allows you to 'generate a database immediately of customer
    names and addresses'.

    What? It does nothing of the sort. Unless he
    means you can buy traffic with PPC, and funnel it thru to a squeeze
    page. In which case you might as well say that 'PPC allows you to
    immediately insult midgets', because you could buy traffic and
    shovel it to a page entitled 'Oy! Shorty! You are a stupid, tiny
    little fecker!'. It's this kind of woolly writing that alerts you
    immediately to a total crock in the making.

    Page 8 kicks off with the classic line 'pay per clicks should not
    only never be overlooked in your promotional efforts'. If anyone
    can decipher what this means, please let me know. The rest of this
    page is a potted explanation of 'bid high at first to get your
    clickthru rates up, then lower your bids until your ad placement
    starts to suffer', a technique as old as PPC itself.

    Gosh - revolutionary. No sign of the
    'secret' yet then? How to get google ads free? What a surprise. And
    why should you be bothered what your ads cost??? Surely you are
    about to 'get Google ads free'???

    Page 9 is a standard screenshot of Google, in case you are
    unfamiliar with the biggest search engine on earth, and a few lines
    bragging about how the author of "Get Google Ads Free" 'work with
    "SEOPS"...' which apparently means 'Search Engine Optimization

    Page 10 bangs on about the fact that it is possible to optimize
    your web pages to improve your position in the SERPS. "Get Google
    Ads Free" shows his inexperience here by focusing solely on the
    'on-page' factors. Sites ranking for most competitive terms
    actually have to manipulate off-page factors too, and in fact this
    side of optimization is far more important, as it is much harder to
    'game', and search engines therefore give it more weight. "Get
    Google Ads Free" seem to be unaware of this fact.

    The rest of this page contains a 'handy relevant tip' - basically,
    have a look at your PPC campaign, and select the top 5 keywords
    with the best click thru rates from your top 10 performing keywords
    and 'optimize your web pages for that'.

    Depends what keyword phrase lists you are
    using. Anything with the word 'Free' in it, for example will
    usually outperform other phrases. People looking for 'free' stuff
    ain't usually buyers though, so use this 'tip' at your own risk.
    Why he thinks mentioning SEO tactics at this stage is relevant, God
    only knows, as he never mentions the subject again.

    The page ends with a statement that this isn't 'part of the
    secret', its apparently 'just something "Get Google Ads Free" threw
    in free'. Gee, thanks.

    Page 11 (we really are zipping thru this, aren't we? Ah, it's
    treble spaced, and large font) is a claim that "Get Google Ads
    Free" has had 'over $87 m!llion in free advertising over the last
    16 years due completely to my secret'. There is no proof offered
    for this outrageous and illiterately worded claim, and we can
    discount it absolutely, for obvious reasons (like why is he trying
    to sell a crappy little ebook then? or... If the ads were 'free',
    what was the cost comparison used to come up with the 87 mill
    figure? or... Google didn't offer PPC 16 years ago, in fact they
    didn't even EXIST etc - you get the idea).

    That's about $5.5 mill a year then. Making
    him one of Google's biggest advertisers. Who no one has ever heard
    of. Right. And active for 8 years before PPC advertising was
    available. A less charitable person might say - "What a total
    bullsh!tter - give me my money back now".

    The rest of this page reveals 'the secret' in 7 easy steps.

    1. Create a website.
    2. Find the best keywords to promote the site and then optimize
    them to get the ad cost down (The Masked Guru Says - why? Ain't it
    'free' then?)
    3. Multiply your daily cost by 31 to get a monthly PPC budget.
    4. Divide this number by 10
    5. Multiply result of step 4 by 1.25 and 1.5
    6. Put a banner on the website offering to sell banner space at $197
    7. 'Sell off all the possible spaces thereby completely offsetting
    all my advertising'.

    You can stop reading here, if you like.
    There are no 'free google ads'. Just a ludicrous attempt to entice
    you into trying to arbitrage between adwords and banner space, an
    activity so foolhardy you'd need to be lobotomized to even THINK of
    trying it. Anyone who has ever tried to sell banner space will know
    how incredibly hard it is. $1 a thou page impressions is a rate
    most websites would jump at, and you ain't getting 1000 clicks from
    Google for a dollar, no matter how hard you optimize. In fact, you
    probably aren't even getting 10 clicks for a dollar. Do the maths
    and then see if you can come up with a 'secret method' that loses
    you money faster than this halfwit 'strategy'. Here is a quote from
    a REAL advertising professional "Brokering CPM deals is notoriously
    difficult. Most advertisers tend to work with 3rd party ad
    companies like valueclick who are very selective about which sites
    they allow the advertising on and for good reason. The advertiser
    wants to see CTR, and if you fall below industry averages they will
    drop you. 10 banners on a page would murder your CTR."

    In fact, why not release a 'secret revolutionary strategy' called
    "Get Expensive Restaurant meals FREE!!!". How? Simple. Just get a
    job washing dishes at night in an expensive restaurant. At the end
    of the month, you should have earned enough to be able to buy one
    meal from the same restaurant, so the meal is 'free'. Er, no it

    I personally, over the last 18 years have eaten
    over $97 m!liions of meals FREE with my secret 'how to eat
    resturants free' meals system. Cue testimonial from Tony
    Lardbucket, who is eating 17 meals a day, FREE, using this
    incredible FREE secret. :) :) :) But seriously folks, this is
    the most pathetic, stupid, misleading crock ever hyped thru the
    shady doors of ClickBank!

    Page 12 (still reading? Sucker!) is a screenshot of what "Get
    Google Ads Free" thinks is a 'squeeze' page. Interestingly, it
    doesn't even have a signup box on it:- you have to click a button
    to go to another page, which indicates again the level of real
    world experience possessed by the 'author'.

    The sample page also contains 'fake' ads, because (a 'hot tip',
    apparently) 'thats how you persuade advertisers to sign up'. Don't
    forget to try the good old "20..19..10...only 2 spots left" trick,
    in case you get a potential advertiser on your site who has started
    the day with 2 pints of bourbon and a bucket of crack cocaine.

    Page 13 is another screenshot, this time of a site with banners
    'below the fold'.

    Advertisers pay far less for banners in
    below fold positions, because... well, they are below the fold.
    Less people see them. It's starting to look to me like Mr. "Get
    Google Ads Free" has never even tried his own technique, or he'd
    know that basic, simple, incontrovertible fact.

    Also on this page is the following 'very meaningful data to
    potential advertiser':-

    Average CPC rate $.037
    Alexa Rank - 657092
    Google PageRank - 4
    Previous Day's Page Views - 25230

    Presumably the CPC quoted is the average of
    all clicks OUT from the site via banners divided by the average
    amount paid for those banners. Over an unspecified period. A day
    perhaps? PageRank presumably refers to the home page? An average of
    page rank on all pages on the site? Something else? Page Views
    presumably means page impressions? By unique visitor? Over 24
    hours? Who knows. Certainly not "Get Google Ads Free". Providing
    stats like this that aren't independently audited in an attempt to
    sell advertising space is questionable at best, and fraudulent at

    Page 15 suggests offering 3 placement options, $12 for a day, $30
    for a week, or $105 for a month. The $197 seems to have vanished.
    The rest of this page is a worked example, showing that if you buy
    100 clicks a day from Google at 50 cents a click, thats $50, or
    $155O a month. Divide by 10 = $155. Multiply by 1.25 and 1.5 gives
    a lower and upper limit of $197 and $237 (apparently you should
    always round numbers up to 7, because it's "less threatening" than
    any other number). Sell 10 advertising spots for the whole month
    (at more than the average of $155), and you should cover your costs.

    ???????? unless my sunglasses are misbehaving,
    $12 doesn't end in a '7', and neither do '$30' or '$105'. He didn't
    even bother to read what he wrote before pressing the 'convert to
    PDF' button! Shoddy work like this show how much reliability you
    can place on anything else this nutjob pretends to know about.
    Also, the devil's in the details, of course. That one teensy weensy
    naughty little phrase - 'Sell 10 advertising spots for the whole
    month'. Good frikkin luck. if you can find an advertiser prepared
    to pay '$155 for 3000 page impressions' (that's an INSANELY
    astronomical CPM of over $51!!!) please let me know immediately,
    because I would REALLY like to have a chat with him! If you can
    find 10 of them, I will worship you like a god.

    The page ends with 'trade secrets'. These are:- why use 1.25 and
    1.5 (to provide a cushion in case (when) all the ads don't sell).
    Same for why 10 ads minimum, and why the upper and lower limit.
    Start by offering ads at the 1.5 price. When no one bites, drop to
    the 1.25.

    After that, go out and get a job, because
    you just maxed out your credit card for the benefit of Google

    Page 16 is another incompetently worked example, which is
    apparently "Get Google Ads Free"'s "worst case scenario", ending in
    a triumphant "My PPC costs are completely covered - I get to
    advertise for free! THIS IS MY SECRET". Yawn. Also, "Get Google Ads
    Free" claims that nowadays he can get '12 m!llion free advertising
    off Google a year'.

    So his 'markup' gross would be ... about 4 million.
    And he's desperately trying to sell an ebook that hasn't even
    been professionally edited? Yeah, right. Don't say you weren't
    warned. IMHO, this person may have experimented with PPC, and most
    likely failed at it, and then tried to find some other way of
    making money, hence a 'hit the newbie' get r!ch quick ebook.
    Without independently audited proof, you'd be MAD to believe he is
    one of Google's largest advertisers.

    Page 17 is a screenshot of an Alexa traffic rank chart. No name of
    site or date is given, so it's meaningless, and is probably
    Youtube, Yahoo, or AOL, although "Get Google Ads Free" would like
    you to assume it's his site. He doesn't have the balls to actually
    claim that, of course. Presumably because his Mom doesn't like him

    Page 18 is another fake 'testimonial' complete with stock photo of
    'Richard Cook' (Crook?), who has 'eliminated $1.8 m!ill in
    advertising costs'. Of course he has. Why "Get Google Ads Free" is
    desperately trying to ramp his product again, midway thru the
    ebook, no one knows.

    He's trying to recruit you as
    affiliates, and he's trying to fill out space in the ebook. God
    knows what the next 60 pages are about. The density of pictures is
    probably about to go thru the roof.

    Page 19 is a potted explanation of how to build keyword lists.
    Apparently use as many keywords as you can think of, keep a
    WATCHFUL EYE on them, and ditch the ones that don't go to the TOP.
    His capitals. Use Google's keyword tool, or Overture. Or
    Wordtracker. Or buy someone else's "beginners guide to PPC".

    Page 20 is a screenshot of Overture, and a 'hot tip' to 'cross
    reference the terms suggested by Overture against Wordtracker'. No
    methodology for doing this is given.

    There isn't one. Overture have stopped
    updating their free results, so they are of marginal use only.

    Page 21 is a screenshot of the Google tool. Well, I guess it uses
    up a page. Page 22 is a screenshot of a Google Help page. Another
    page down in our relentless quest for the not-going-to-happen
    miracle of free google ads. Page 23 is a few sad badly designed
    banners you can use 'free'. They are all desperate, and misuse the
    Google trademark in some way or other.

    Page 24 is yet more 'it works, really!' crapola, and a reminder
    that "I've managed to get most recently $12 m!llion a year in
    Google PPCs alone! - And again, I'm just 1 person! ".

    He's just 1 person? Thank God. Imagine a
    clone army of lazy ripoff merchants like "Get Google Ads Free", all
    trying to get you to pay for a technique they haven't even tried
    themselves, and lying as they do it. Oh. That pretty much sums up
    internet marketing right now, doesn't it? And that's why I'M here!

    Page 25 attempts to answer the obvious question, namely 'what if no
    one buys your ad spots?'. Answer? (and I'm not making this up!)
    "What if the ground opens up and swallows you?". Not convinced by
    that rebuttal? How about a paragraph boiling down to "It works for
    me, honest".

    This is just lame. Anyone who was suckered
    into buying this 7.7 megabytes of bollocks and DIDN'T ask for a
    refund, I have real estate on Venus to sell you.

    Page 26 is yet another fake testimonial from 'Lester & Tina Bailey'
    with yet another stock photo image. The testimonials are getting
    bigger, because there is still 50 plus pages to fill, and nothing
    to say.

    Page 27 is 'Make $1 m!llions without selling anything' (sic) which
    can be summarized as 'create a 1 page article on a hot topic, drive
    traffic with PPC to the page, and desperately hope you can sell
    advertising on the page to cover your costs. Which of course, you

    Page 28 starts with a claim that "Get Google Ads Free" makes 'over
    $2 m!llion a year' from a batch of sites like this'.

    Which of course is why he is revealing these
    'secrets'. After all, if you were easily creaming multim!illions
    each year from a revolutionary secret, wouldn't you rush right over
    to clickbank and start trying to spread it around for a lousy $67?
    No? Why not! Are you mad??!!!!

    Then follows a picture of some yacht-captain type in cravat and
    peaked sailor-boy hat, clinging to a horse-faced model in leopard
    skin dress. And then some smaller images of 'things you can have
    when you are rich', including a big house, a fast car, and a
    teenage girl's bottom. Male heterosexuals and lesbians only then.

    Page 29 is another fake testimonial, with (surprise!) a stock photo
    of a girl. And advice to 'offer a free newsletter'. Apparently, the
    'LARGE VOLUMES OF TRAFFIC' you will be getting (that's right, all
    100 click a day you can afford) mean 'MANY WILL SIGN FOR YOUR

    It's beginning to look like "Get Google Ads
    Free"'s drugs are wearing off. The caps and bold underlining is
    getting a bit prevalent. Time for your meds, young man.

    You can then apparently 'install an autoresponder' which will allow
    you to bother your subscribers in all sorts of ways, including the
    vaguely disturbing 'get people to perform a series of tasks'. The
    sheer level of "Get Google Ads Free"'s inexperience is shown yet
    again, as he recommends aweber, but doesn't use an affiliate link.

    He hasn't used an affiliate link once so far, and I'm guessing he doesn't really have any experience at all.

    That's enough for now. In fact, that's enough for EVER. This is
    without any doubt the silliest, most useless 'ebook' I've ever
    I've just reviewed pages 1 to 29 here and its enough to make one just throw up!
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  2. niche1

    niche1 Regular Member

    Dec 22, 2007
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    I had heard some of these things before, about the ebook.

    Sad that this was and continues to be pushed every now and then, when it is such a horrible rip off.

    Makes you wonder how one could actually submit something as lame as that ebook and try to sell it to others.
  3. HeyNow

    HeyNow Newbie

    Feb 4, 2008
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    Very funny critique and a joy to read. You should do more reviews of these crappy ebooks. You remind me of the "angry nintendo nerd" on youtube that reviews circa 1986 nintendo games! check it out for a good laugh.
  4. edc

    edc Regular Member

    Dec 9, 2007
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    Straight Outta LoCash
    Sorry to poke a stick in your eye, but unless you go by the moniker of 'the Masked Guru', then you should give credit to the author. The Masked Guru is a guy who sends out his reviews of these kinds of books. This is one of his, if memory serves.

    Geez - I read more stuff that people try to pass off as their own. It's a small world...

  5. navin

    navin Junior Member

    Mar 15, 2007
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    well, i didn't read the whole review, just stop at 3/4 of it. seems very nice though. i don't have that e-book u reviewed, it would be nice to have that book too.
  6. edc

    edc Regular Member

    Dec 9, 2007
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    Straight Outta LoCash
    My last post seems to be ghosted. I was sent this review a few months ago by someone who goes by the moniker of 'the Masked Guru' (I'm sure that he'll turn up in a Google search). Unless you're him, you should properly source the author.

  7. justmeron

    justmeron Power Member

    Sep 16, 2007
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    Indiana, USA
    Sounds like this thread should be on in the shit list. The book sounds like a shit list product.
  8. Black Hat Seo

    Black Hat Seo BANNED BANNED

    Feb 8, 2008
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    I have to admit that I only read a few paragraphs but I was told the whole scheme was something like buy 10 grand in pay per click for the month and have advertisers pay you to advertise on your highly targetted site, showing them all your top positions for strong keywords.

    Basically each advertiser pays ideally a few grand a month to advertise on your site and you recruit enough of them to pay all of your pay per click allowing you to get all the traffic for free on your own offers and products, plus giving you an extra 10k or more in net profit on top of that because you have advertisers paying a total of 20k.

    Then you can do this on multiple sites and keep scaling up until your making 6 figures per month. That's what I was told.
  9. sinewave

    sinewave Senior Member Premium Member

    Aug 25, 2007
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    Couldn't agree more. Plus, the OP is into posting duplicate content without crediting the source, which not only amounts to copyright infringement but exposes this forum to legal action.

    There's another member here who frequently posts content originating from other authors without attribution. I hope this trend subsides.

  10. DrJekyll

    DrJekyll Senior Member Premium Member

    Aug 2, 2007
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    1-9 for your Keyword goodluck
    Incredible review of the ebook concentustech,

    I think you may have put more time into the review than they put in the ebook. After 2 or 3 points you probably could have quit!

  11. sinewave

    sinewave Senior Member Premium Member

    Aug 25, 2007
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    Actually, that is a great review. It looks to be original too.

    I'll apologize for suspecting that it was merely a cut-and-paste.

    Good work, concentustech. I'm glad you didn't invest further effort into scrutinizing this piece of crap.

  12. searching

    searching Newbie

    Dec 24, 2007
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    Yes it is a good review, regardless of the origin.

    I remember in one popular forum where an affiliate was arguing that the sales letter was perhaps, a little hyped in stating that you can get Google Ads for free.

    Actually, that's not hype, but rather, a blatant lie, as Google will soon tell you. However the sales copy was good and it seems to have been selling rather well.

    It's nothing more than a simple cost-offsetting strategy which is useful in any business. IMs may consider using their thank you or 404 pages, in addition to home pages etc to increase profit potential and offset other expenses by adding paid advertisers, banners etc.
  13. blogman1

    blogman1 Newbie

    Jan 24, 2008
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    It seems like the folks making the ebooks are making more money than the folks buying the ebooks.
  14. shadyseo

    shadyseo Newbie

    Jan 15, 2008
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    fair review. however, this method still works regardless as long as u put in the work and can make u some serious money
  15. BlueYoda

    BlueYoda Newbie

    Dec 31, 2007
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    you would not believe how many of these offerings I have received. And you would not believe how many I have asked about their millions rolling in. Not even one reply. Go figure.

    Great post.

    thanks for the treat.
  16. brwipens

    brwipens Regular Member

    Nov 18, 2007
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    Masked Guru's reviews are awesome. All those over-hyped ebooks need some humor injected into their bullshit, and he delivers:)
  17. irezan

    irezan Newbie

    Oct 22, 2007
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    what the missing in this book is how to sell those ads. he just tell to build the website,buy the ppc traffic and wait the visitor to buy the ads from your site.
  18. cashsalute

    cashsalute BANNED BANNED

    Nov 5, 2007
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    The only thing you all don't know.... there is ways to get free google adwords!
  19. happy_martin

    happy_martin Newbie

    Dec 12, 2007
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    I bought this and requested a refund in a record time of less than 2 minutes.

    I also wrote to the author the same day to tell him how disgusted i was at his misleading copy.
  20. Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur BANNED BANNED

    Oct 12, 2007
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    I liked that. Don't care whether it was copied and pasted because it made em smile. Good one. :D