The TRUTH About Stuna..

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I holestly wat to apologize.
OP donno about your drinking problem but I am sure many can relate. Smoking? I worck 6 8 or howmany h it takes to make a living and improve. BHW for me is a school, tough teachers, bs, smak talk, but a lot of lesons are brutal.
Sex? Not today.

So guys how is my fishing for Thanks going thus far?

As for this thread is like a carcrash combined with a trainreck on top of a plaincrash inside a cemetery where a bunch of peopke shat themselfs. I wanted to look away, I wanted not to post, but this is imposible.

Thank you all for all the harsh lesons.
Here is what I think. Stuna handed his worthless account / "bot business" to his little brother / sister. Little brother / sister gets a little attention off first thread, and comes back craving more. There is no chance whoever is making posts on this account is any older than 14.

Well the "customer service" prior to this also sounded like it was written by an overconfident (you could call it something else lol) 14 year old, who discovered how to make some pennies by reselling compiled source code and feeling sky high from this "success".

I am not riled up, just disappointed that @stuna made another shit thread so soon after his/her last one
If he/she isn't bumping their ghost town sales threads they are creating nonsense threads like these.

Well someone has to fill ceosams void, or who was the other vip that claimed he was rich (I know so many) and was also just hot air and got banned.

Ah found it haha, this one here
I'm confused!

I thought the following;

stuna was from holland, from the profile pic!

2, i just read the thread about "me, myself and i" - it's a single lady on that thread. On this thread it has a meat and 2 veg.. im so confused reading these posts, the op's head 100% needs sorting.

where is the op from ?
OH BTW OP, please stop calling yourself a programmer, you haven't programmed or coded anything, as has been proven you purchased everything from CodeCanyon and Imautobots.
Compiling other peoples scripts and owning uBot does not make you a programmer or coder, you can call yourself a Bot Maker but even that is pushing it.
You are a Bot Seller or Shit Bot Seller would be more accurate.

Too true. I've made a few websites for clients using premium WordPress themes, but that surely doesn't make me anything near a web developer. I've got mad respect for actual web devs.
Not open for further replies.
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