The surprising rise of YouTube lyrics videos

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    The surprising rise of YouTube lyrics videos

    YouTube has a new megastar, with the number of eyeballs it can draw putting it in the same ranks as Psy, Justin Bieber and LMFAO: Simple words plus music.

    Befitting the Google-owned video site, with its roots in user-generated clips, lyrics videos began as fan-posted songs with the words displayed and little other visual ornaments. The watershed moment for mainstream, music-industry adoption of the type came in 2010 with Cee-Lo Green's video for his breakout hit. Since then, lyrics videos have snowballed from grassroots pastime to outright phenomenon.

    More than industry fad, the category reflects how streaming, and specifically YouTube, is becoming the go-to place to listen to music first and repetitively. Some artists and insiders say it may also be feeding the need for a specific facet of expression for artists and desire for immersion for fans that the digital transition has lost as album art and record sleeves fade into obscurity.

    All the fans said seeing the words flash on the screen, it made the song so much more powerful, and I agree.

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