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The sites look clean and have good themes on them.
The content is readable and the anchor text was used as given.
Loved the way the sidebar was designed.

Review Time

I got 2 free links as a review copy

A high-quality photo was used in the post which i have seen quite less with the pbn threads.
1 link out of the 2 is already indexed.
Overall nice service and good to communicate with the OP.

they are actually a good value for money offering and a lot better than most the PBNs I've seen at this kind of price. I was lucky enough to receive two links as a review copy.

Link #1 - 36TF, 17DA, 54RD, 11DR

The post was niche relevant but the website wasn't. The content was also better than expected and the link was placed naturally.

Link#2 - 31TF, 15DA, 66RD, 13DR

The website was somewhat niche relevant and so was the post, again the content was better than expected and naturally placed.

Although these probably aren't suitable for the highest of competition keywords,

Well done OP :)
-Process was easy
-TAT was as promised
-Communication with seller is very good

I got a review copy of 2 links from OP:

Link1: TF:20 DA:22 RD:184
Link2: TF:24 DA:24 RD:231

-Websites are looking good and real
-Content is better than other PBNs, but maybe shorter
-Link1 had SSL while Link2 have not.

Overall I liked the service. Probably I will order when I need some PBN links for my next projects.
Metrics are good, decent DR, UR, and RD.
- The content was much better than I would expect from a $10 PBN.

Got my review copy in a very short time, very impressive:

Received 2 PBN links:
- Both sites have a clean template and look solid - not like a typical PBN.
- I really liked how the anchor/link was placed inside the content... it really fits and makes sense. It doesn't look fake at all
- 1 link already indexed and appears in GSC and Ahref
- Sites are whois protected

Good service for that price tag.
Thank you again OP for this opportunity.
Metrics were good TF 36 & 31, RD 54 & 66
• Both sites themes and designs were good

Received 2 Links as a review copy.

• The Content used were quite good as compared to other similar services
• The images used for posts were amazing.
• Good service at good price point.
Metrics are good, TF 35-33, DA22-18, RD88-169
- The content is related to the niche with image attached

Received 2 PBN links as the review copy:
- Both sites look solid and not a spam site
- 1 link already indexed, another one is waiting now

Great service for this price point, thank you.

Please add me on Skype for instant chat-live:.cid.d2703fdd0616b75e
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