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I have placed an order for 40k Yt subs around a week ago 9130816. The order never started in the first place and the status was always "pending"
But yesterday suddenly the order was marked as complete, which is not the case. Can I get a full refund for this order. I have raised a ticket as well and I have been getting standard responses, ticket ID is 51438. I have not received a single subscriber from this order.
Support for this service seems to be pretty lacking. For whatever reason they don't have control over payment processing when you deposit for the first time money into your account even though cryptocurrency had confirmed that the money was received? So you're just sitting there waiting forever and neither you or they can do anything while you sit with $0.00 in your account, so you can't make orders.

edit; just for time reference, I've been waiting a week now and still nothing
I live in Australia, my only payment option is paypal
I have opened a ticket requestion paypal activation
username ozcam
I would like to use this service, but cannot without paypal as an option
Can you help?
Hello Paja, I have checked all the orders you made on this link and the first thing I can see is that the current count of the account is under the start count of your first order, which means previous orders you have made on other sites are dropping. Second thing is that you have purchased 15 days refill service which means that the refill period has ended. In this case we cannot resend more followers to your link.

Ok i get it but you said on the panel because of instagram update there were the drops and that you will refill. I didn't purchased followers from other panels for that account, anyway can you please check this website traffic order
Support is useless and i know i will be left with completed service with 0 traffic. I had cases like that and support never helped me. Previous Website traffic service i bought works, this one just saying in progress for days... Please cancel or something so i can reorder.
I had 20k instagram followers drop, this is my last order 8478422
Support said it will be refilled but it never was. Account now have around 58k...should be 80k.
Please refill...
same here. i only bought from followiz and jap. 2 days after getting to a stable 48k (after a bunch of problems) the update HAPPENS i loose 20k. i too read all the warnings about it and how we were supposed to be taken care of by all the panels all were saying this... if its truly ig's fault and not there own then say that and make us a deal or something so we dont take the whole hit but making us think you got our backs when you dont... and selling a product that can be destroyed at anytime by forces outside your control??? that should come with a type of warranty like when updates occur seeing as how its all the customers who loose the followers and our money doesnt just drop right out of your pockets, since you sell such a service you must take some responsibility so how about after update that service is 50% off so we can buy the shit back but instead you triple the price of yt subs. bah! selling us digital goods that can be erased at anytime by an enemy 3rd party force that controls everything. lol. no respect i tells ya no respect. Anyways all i could do was prove what my count was at using the last completed order but they denied me. i seriously dont see why it's just $3 worth of followers and to them its nothing and they seem very generous when dealing with the admins 1 on 1 but the canned responses are straight up unfair and inaccurate (as if what you said fell on deaf ears) (but its not always like this sometimes im left feeling warm and fuzzy by what im pretty sure was real ppl) and it's a problem i keep telling them about. But when you deal with the real them they have been really nice and generous but sometimes i cant tell if no really means no and sometimes it may not really mean no but i take it as a real no and i get super pissed off. so hopefully when i come storming at them they are just like... ok dude chill... and im like able to chill. i want my ig followers dag nabbit! They just hooked me up with a small credit straight out of kindness though and they did not have to so im not gonna trip but still they should overall be more laxed on the "rules". They are going in the right direction with clear announcements about refunding back to ppls paypal and back out of the panel. making us not feel like such a bad guy for requesting it when shit hits the fan. THAT alone sets them apart from the bad apples right there so they need to take that further. i dont blame them for trying once to deny ppl but when i type a wall of text i should get my way unless im way wrong about something.
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since 9/26 order is stuck on youtube views, panel said that there's a "Panel update" 5 days ago and I would be refunded after 3 days, still nothing. I'd search for another one.
I am an avid user of all social media panels: smmlite, bulkfollows, etc. and so far while their support has been the most responsive— they are the shittiest.

placed order 8944968 3 weeks ago for 50,000 YouTube subscribers which should have taken 5 days to deliver. there was no increase whatsoever; I have been in constant contact with them (ticket 50428) since the start.

after failed promises of contacting their ‘developer’ which only implies they are re-sellers or gives them time to make up for their mistakes, and delays to offer me refunds, they marked the order as complete today and said ‘they can’t offer me support for this service anymore’ knowing fully well it was not delivered.

you messed up a petty $165 order while you could have made thousands of dollars a day off of my orders.

trust me when I say this will be the end of your self-proclaimed ‘social media empire’.

crooks & scammers have a timespan and yours will sooner than later come to an end. you are pieces of utter trash.
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