The Simple Business System: How I quit my 9-5 job

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    Ok so responded to a post earlier on regarding google domination so i thought I would explain how i structure my business to make me 200-700% ROI. This is sort of my refresher Im sure all you know most of this already mainly for the newbie and me. First off if I can make a make a dollar off a system then I can usually increase that 100 fold. But to do that you have to consider online as any real business and treat every new other project like that. Its virtually impossible to work 24/7 days and who would want to isn't that the whole reason why everyone is on here so they dont have to work. To go where ever and do whatever they want. Well not all systems are going to work in fact 70% dont work but its the 30% that really hit it out of the park. So here goes.

    1. Research-Look at forums the best place to find info don't waste too much time with ebooks just junk unless bored and yes i read them out of curiosity. Only ones i ever consider buying would be BHW approved! Find a system that makes sense use your own common knowledge. Choose something your willing to focus some time on. One you choose a system research that system google it ask questions on forum people really do help around here. Find everything you can on the subject. Brain storm write out twist you can come up with to make the method unique or that could increase conversions.

    2.Startup-Once your ready to implement the system Map out a game plan Im serious everything needs to be organized step-by-step I usually create a check list of what i need to do that day on all my projects. By a whiteboard best investment I ever made.

    3.Action-Implement the action plan you must do every step usually I find things that need to be change or i come up with better ideas to increase the systems ROI. I dedicate one day to a project 50 minute blocks with 10 minute breaks in between just learned that works really well.

    4.Decision-Spend a few days working on the project tweaking it Now its time to decide to move forward or drop the project cause only thing I lost is time and maybe a little amount of money depending on the project. I will go forward on a project if i feel I cant outsource it our have an automated program be made.

    5.Project Steroids-Ok here is the fun part if the system is a keeper. Then time to ramp up put together and outline of step-by-step what needs to be done on a daily basis. If you need to hire a programmer to create auto-bots then do that. If you need to hire Actually people do that too Elance is your best friend for all of this. Outsource and automate are the keys to really make some money. Always split test people you hire and always get a daily report or project report in excel from them. This might get expensive to start at first hiring people but if you feel a system can make you money Credit Cards, Borrow money from friends and family do whatever it takes. Remember you are creating a machine its like an assembly line each person or bot has a specific task. There is unlimited about of wealth online just waiting for you to grab it.

    I hope this help put a refresher on the fundamentals of online business or any business just these simple steps has really help expand my business and given me the opportunity to never have to work a 9-5 job every again.
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