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    I have about a dozen different lists that range from 5,000 to 1,000,000 contacts and want to know the cheapest way to send out emails. I need a tool that I can use to send out consistent emails, at least one a day, and come back with decent analytics. I use email chimp right now, but my budget is $100 or less. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Sending out a large volume like 100,000 emails - takes a little infrastructure.

    If you're on a budget, Use PHPList - It's email marketing and tracking software and it's free (You just need a server to install it on). It's written in PHP, but you can run that on linux or windows.

    Then get a free mail server on Linux - Look at Exim or Postfix. On windows look at Smartermail Free Edition (Limited to 1 domain name), or HMailServer.

    Then get your own Private VPS (This is going to be a little cost to you) - It really depends on what hosting provider you choose - No recommendations here, everyone has an opinion on who's better. Just make sure they allow you to send email without being relayed like godaddy and make sure they don't have any restrictions in DNS like 1&1.

    Once you get everything set up, use this mail tester, to make sure you have everything right.

    I personally use PHPList with SmarterMail with just 1 MTA and I can send like 3-4k emails an hour without throttling. But I always throttle to get better results, so it takes a lot longer. But make sure you warm up your IP's first. Watch the video at the bottom of this link on IP Warming