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The right way to success with my skills?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ezln1994, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. ezln1994

    ezln1994 Registered Member

    Aug 11, 2009
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    First I will say hello to all guys here. And next sorry for my bad English.

    Since a few years I?m working in the White Hat SEO. But I?m thinking the money I get from there is very low. I?m working hard but the out coming is very low.

    Now I?m searching for new ideas and projects in Black Hat for earning a little more money ? I don?t want to get rich but I will look to get more money for my work.

    The problem: I?m reading here in the forum for a couple of weeks. But I don?t know how or with what idea I will begin. Another problem, I can?t believe in some success stories like e.g. 2k/3k a month with an autoblog and so on.

    Of course of this I will show you my skills and maybe someone has an idea how to start. I will lucky for all ideas and I don?t need step by step instructions.

    My skills:

    -Expert skill in wordpress (programming own plugins and so on?)
    -Expert knowledge about internet generally
    -Good skill in programming PHP
    -3-4 Years knowledge of White Hat SEO (Keywords, Link Building, Onpage/Offpage optimizing etc.)
    -Languages: English, Spanish and German

    I?m thinking to start with autoblogs but I can?t believe to earn money with them.

    I will be happy to hear anything from you!

    See you, ezln
  2. hatdance

    hatdance Newbie

    Jun 11, 2009
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    Internet Traveler and Profiteer
    Austin TX
    Your blogging skills are very valuable to build a center of conversation around an area of interest. I think the key is to pick something you really like or that you are really good at, and then start telling what you know. You could blog about wordpress, and how to handle various technical issues that people are dealing with. When you add value with a blog, people find it and your get followers. If you express your personality and have fund with it, it seems to draw more traffic.

    To make income, build a list by giving something away on your blog in exchange for signing up to your list. Then find affiliate products to promote to your list and also to recommend on your blog. All this is centered around the focus of your blog, so people trust you and you keep adding value.

    Join some forums and write some articles with your blog link to drive traffic to your blog. Add RSS and other links to your blog. Apply what you know about SEO.

    A blog is just a great center for social marketing and keeps building over time.:)