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    One of my favourite things that keeps me coming back to BHW, is that I get to meet all sorts of people
    that make a living off IM and can potentially live anywhere in the world (in accordance to their earnings of course).
    My favourite threads are those of people who want to relocate and asks forum members q's regarding info
    on a certain place. Because we all live in different countries, I thought it would be nice if we all share
    this information about each one of our current locations.
    Naturally, someone who wants to relocate from his country, needs to understand how much the expenses are
    but also how inspiring and hospitable it is to create from there.
    I'll start with my country.

    Country: Israel

    Family status: Married + 2

    Expenses per month: $7500 - inc rent for house (200 sqm)in nice neighbourhood, all utilities, food, petrol,
    education and taxes

    Inspiration: suitable for hot climate fans, who enjoy sandy beaches and aren't interested in politics.

    Personal grade for country (1 lowest - 5 highest): 2.
    I feel that in other countries you get better value for
    your money
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    Country: Spain

    I am a resident here but hold a UK passport. EU passport holders need no visas and all that red tape BS, go in and out as you like.

    Expenses per month: Can rent a good flat of apartment circa 400 to 600 Euros a month. (I own my own place). A decent wage around here is 2000 Euros a month. Which is not enough to live large, but goes a long way, if you manage unnecessary expenditure.

    Inspiration: suitable for hot climate fans, who enjoy sandy beaches with the added bonus that Spaniards are very friendly and let you get on with your life. Of course the food is arguably the best and healthiest along the Mediterranean coastline.

    Personal grade for country (1 lowest - 5 highest): 4.
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    South Africa
    Country: South Africa

    Expenses: $3000 - $6000 per month is a very good salary. You can live and drive pretty much whatever you want with that.

    Inspiration: For those who want the most beautiful sunsets/sunrises in the world. Proper hot summers, stunning beaches and clear views of the milky way at night. The crime tends to get exaggerated about, in 21 years of living here, the worst crime I ever experienced was a pair of sunglasses being stolen from the car.

    Personal grade: 5
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    SEM Consultant ;)
    in a galaxy far far away from here
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    Cool thread, I like the idea!

    Country: Belgium

    Family status: Me + Girlfriend

    Expenses per month: € 3.000 - including paying loan for house (€ 250.000 at around € 1.300/month), food, all utilities, petrol, car,... Rent for small flat around € 600-700/month depending on the area. Price average flat: € 160.000 Price average (3 bedroom) house: € 280.000. Average salary is around € 1.600-2.000 after taxes. So anything higher than € 3.000/month after taxes and you're considered quite successful

    Inspiration: suitable for fans of wet climate. Temperature is average, but with a lot of rain. It's the center of Europe, very easy access to Paris, London, Amsterdam and Germany. Almost everyone speaks English. Taxes are very high, prices for mobile networks/internet are very high. Education is very good, if not one of the best in the world (before you finish highschool you will learn at least 4 languages: Dutch/French/English/German).

    Personal grade for country (1 lowest - 5 highest): 3.

    If my family wouldn't have lived here and if me and my girlfriend wouldn't have plans to start a family we would've moved to somewhere in Middle/South America, mainly for the high cost of living and the high taxes. But I don't want to take grandchildren away from the grandparents and also for the children education here will be a lot better.
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    Country: India

    If you are not an Indian, its difficult to live in a country which is dirty and corrupt esp if you go to the cities. Westerners might hate India esp the cities but you can travel to remote areas which are scenic and beautiful.

    As long as you have the moolah, you can live comfortably and afford luxuries that you wouldn't in your home country. If you have an
    expenditure of $1.5 k-2.5 k per month, you can live life king size here. You can rent an awesome flat, have a driver, personal cook, maid, butler etc to take care of all your house work and chores when you can enjoy the good life. If you can find the right people, you will have a great time as well. Lots to explore in India. You would never get tired as there so many different cultures and places to go to. Each state is like a different country.Even if you have an expenditure of $1k per month, you can live decently here.

    Things to love:
    -Everything is cheap
    -Great food
    -Cheap physical labour(Cook, drivers, butlers etc.)
    -Cheap health care
    -Great places to explore
    -Awesome fishing haven
    -Cheap qualified labor(If you want to setup a SEO or a Tech company)
    -A lot of people know and can converse in english esp in the cities

    Things not to love
    -Traffic(esp in cities)
    -Hygiene(Water quality, air pollution, food etc)
    -Basic amenities(Poor roads, infrastructure, Electricity)
    -Corruption(Gotta bribe for everything)
    -Safety(If you are a westerner who looks loaded, you might have to be careful)

    Some more details.
    - Average rent for flat(Depends a lot on where you live)
    Range from $200 to $600 per month

    -Average Salary
    Depends a lot again on various factors. If someone is earning upwards of $1k per month, he is considered to be in a very good job. Dont even ask me how much I earn. I am a freshly graduated dentist and making peanuts currently($200 PER MONTH!). I have provided SEO services to clients in the past and a bit in to CPA and used to make around $500- 1k in the good old days. Things are looking down for me at the moment. Im starting from ground zero again and lets see if I can get something good going.
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    Hope someone add info about Australia
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    Europe... No Borders? No Worries!
    Nice topic!

    Country: Germany/Austria (I tend to move around in the Austrian, German, Swiss, Liechtenstein area)

    Family status: Me +1 (My awesome dog! He definitely eats more than most ppl so he should count)

    Average Salary: Well low-level employes get about 2500$ish... after taxes? 1200-1300$ ...that can go up to 3500$ (minus half for taxes) but then you're basically working 24/7 and have a stroke with 38...

    Expenses per month: around 4000-5000$ a month. ( I'm not skimping tho, so I'd say minimum to live around here with rent, car and food is about 3000$

    Costs? Weeeell rent in populated ares is around 700$ for a shithole, If you have to live in the bigger cities down south, we're looking at over 1000$ for a small one bedroom apartment...
    The area is EXTREMELY expensive, especially in Germany the real estate costs have boomed like crazy in the last 5 years!

    - Pros:
    - all the major companies are here giving you possible high ranking clients
    and that's pretty much it... It used to be a totally safe, clean, loveable area when I first moved here a few years ago... but it's seriously gone down the drain!

    - Cons: To many to list right now... here's a few
    - expensive
    - retarded when it comes to banking
    - laws against everything (I'm not kidding, camp in the woods and you pay 3000 euros fine! Oh you're car broke down on a parking lot in the middle of nowhere and you have to leave it there overnight? BAMM couple of hundred euros fine...)

    Personal grade for country (1 lowest - 5 highest): 2

    Am I staying here? Hell no... I was in Barcelona last year for a few months and the only reason I came back here was because I have a large client here. But I'm checking out assistants as speak to finally automate this job and then I'm gone! Where I'm going next? I have no idea... Maybe back to the UK for a while... I've always wanted to check out Scotland for a longer period of time :)