The reason Most People fail in IM.

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    This just hit me like 5 minutes ago.

    i was looking over yet another ebook, and the writer published an email he got from someone when he promoted an earlier product with his method.

    the email was something like 'Thank you for telling me about this course, i read most ebooks on the market and this one is real easy to folow and gives great instructions. I finaly found something that actually works."

    i can believe he got emails like that because the product he was suposedly promoting actually was a good product. maybe he enhanced the email a bit before putting in his book, doesn`t matter..

    anyway, i always see people bitching around here that they read all the books and courses, but always end up with pennies if they follow the method and did what the writer told them to do.
    and also all kinds of people getting all horney about some release becuase they believe that one book wil solve all their problems and just dive in blindly and end up with an failure. again.

    i never understood that and couldn`t understand how those people thought and what they expected from a 49 dollar release sold to houndred of thousands of people..
    its all great marketing from the people who launch these things, but hell, you call yourselve marketers as well. so you should be able to look right through most of that.
    if you try to bullshit your mechanic, he`ll see your full of it, because he knows his profession, you can`t tell him a piston is square and expext him to believe you.. no matter how much you try to sell him.

    thats also why i never understood why those im launches made so much money.

    i always walked a different path, just because my mind just works differently then 99% of the rest of the world.. and unlike other people, i`ve never been like the sheep that sticks to hurd, or just because someone higher on the social ladder ( police, doctor, your supervisior) says something, you just have to follow their lead.
    they probably are bigger idiots then you are, so why listen to them?

    anyway, the reason most people fail (at least in my view) is that they just follow exactly what is fed them, because someone (that they don`t even know) told them to do just that.
    and like sheep , they stick to it exactly, fail, and blame the ebook or course and move on to the next guy who promises them the world..
    and like a sheep they do it all over and over again.

    i never got that, maybe because thats just not the way i am, so for me its probably hard to understand that most people are like that, i never eperienced things that way.
    but i do understand now, and it was a huge eye opener for me that hit me like a brick wall...

    so my point is, i have an understanding now about why those people post those things, and i`ll probably wont be as harsh to them from now on.
    now i know its not really their faulth, its just how they are programmed in their DNA, and they can`t help it..

    they need to change their way of thinking and perception of the world. they frst need to learn to think for themselves and destoy the need to listen to authoritive people, just because they say they are an authority.
    only then they can became succesfull and work for themselves.

    and just to show an example, i`ll shed some light on the way i go about things.

    i also read most ebooks out there, but in an entire different way.
    i read them to keep up with things(this world moves fast, really fast), and sometimes i will find gold in the form of a resource like a website, service or traffic source to use to expand my business or ad a new venture to it. not to find a new method to make money.

    and if i want to try something new or venture into something i`m not experienced with, i just download anything related to that subject.
    read all of it and note down all things new and important to me, including where i found it so i can get back to it again later.

    i then let it run to my mind a few days and think about how to fuse all the things together and cook up something that i can use to compliment my own business...

    for example, i do a lot of list building and email marketing. so i have my squeeze pages ready allready, but i was looking for a new source of traffic. most things i do are about driving new kinds of traffic, because that offcourse is the most important thing in IM.
    you can have the best optinpage with 90% conversion, and the best copy in the world, if nobody finds your page, you still are left with nothong, 90% of zero still means 0.

    so i wanted to try a bit of youtube marketing to drive extra free trafic to my opt-in page.
    i spend a day downloading and reading everything i could find about the subject. and i found there are quite a few ways to funnel youtube visitors to your own site.
    i took it al in, picked the most promising and usefull things and thought of a way to combine them all into one master plan. a plan thats devided into a few components...

    something like traffic-> presentation -> the sell -> CTR

    i first tried to get enough traffic to my vids. (without traffic all the other staps are useless)
    i got quite some traffic, but because i was only trying to find out if i was able to drive trtaffic at all, i didn`t do anything else and people where ariving at a standard Utube page.

    only after i saw that people actually ended up on my page, i started to change it and tried to funnel people to my optin page.

    ok i lost the first week of visitors because i didn`t have a sell in place, but if i set everything up first, and wasn`t able to drive traffic to my videos, i would have wasted all those hours making everything look good and writing copy for it and in the end nobody would see it anyway....
    now i knew i had traffic, so only now i started trying to convert them..

    notice the difference..

    i guess what i`m saying is. decide on a business, emailing, article marketing, or just straight up selling cpa or clickbank and learn how to work it the right way.

    then stick to it and learn to improve it with new trafic sources, other kinds of pre-sells or other offers.

    pick a route and expand on it.. don`t hop from one thing to another..
    you`ll end up being mediocre on everything and as a result wont get results...

    and once you master one skill, hire someone to do it for you or automate it, and only then learn something else.

    my way of making money is a combo of everything. i use emailing, articles, cookie S`ng, adwords etc etc. but i aded them one at a time and found a way to integrate everyone of them into one big system.

    some are to drive traffic, some are to get a higher conversion rates and some are to get more exposure.. but all of them are implemented and changed accordingly to do what i want from them. which are the most basic thing in IM

    1. more quality traffic,
    2. higher conversions
    3. (most important) increase ROI

    for one particular list i paid about 50 cents per subscriber, and the avarage yield per subscriber for me was 1.20. so i more then doubled every buck i spend on adwords..
    for adwords thats decent in my opinion. if you can double your money month after month consistently you got a decent adwords campaign.
    so i had an 140%ish roi on that campaign. and i am spending something like 2k on that every month.. but i get a shade under 5k bacj from it.
    Between 2.5 to 3k profit a month..
    every time somebdy subscribes there, i make 70 cents profit

    with the utube trafic i got an avarege of 80 cents per subscriber.
    because of the lower quality of trafic, my earning per subscriber dropped.

    but since the traffic was free, i still made an 80 cents per subscriber. more then with adwords. and volumes where much much higher.
    and the best part of it is, if i buy clicks on adwords. i get my clicks, but if i stop stop spending money, my traffic end right there.
    my ad gets removed and traffic stops.

    with UTube, i upload and promote my vid now and move on to the next one.
    but the first will be out there for years to come, and will still send me visitors moths from now.
    ok some die off, but some will stick. and those will are the ones that will explode your earnings

    i still buy those clicks from adwords. everything i spend, doubles up next month. would be stupid to let that go, but expand and you`ll increase earnings..

    i do the same thing with articles. i have them written for me for 4 to 5 bucks a piece. not the cheapest, but quality costs more in the end..

    i buy only like 10 articles a week, but i took 2 months last year to learn how to get them popular 95% off the time.
    i learned how to make sure they get exposure and vieuws, so now all those articles i put out will keep sending me traffic and subscribers month after month... for a one time ivestment of 5$ and some time to spamm them with SB or something..

    see how i used email marketing as my business, and focused on learning how to grow that with more traffic, instead of walking away and start something completely new. forcing me to start learning a whole new aspect of IM and leaving me mediovre knowledgeable about my earlier venture..

    what i`m saying is:
    most courses out there teach you how to build or do something that will actually really does make money, the system usually works great.. but systems and sites only make money if they get traffic.. the best site with the highest ctr in the world wont make a dime if nobody visits it.
    and conveniently 99% of the books and courses leave that part out, or give some obvious and outdated seo advice to keep you happy.
    nd because of thisyour efforts will never pay out and people will say a method sucks.

    only once you learn how to drive traffic yourselve, you will succeed in IM..

    All trafic can be monitized, monitizing is the easy part. and one source of traffic is beter then the other, but you can always make money of it, no matter what.
    but the best system without traffic will always be useless.

    i hope this helps someone and gets someone on the right track. i wish you all the best

    greetz roger
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    Thank you for your motivational words, for beginner's like me. I didn't know there were dutch people on this forum, i'm dutch aswell.;) So what's your favorite method of driving traffic to your website? Since you've mentioned a few methods. (youtube, adwords)
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    i think the biggest reasons why people fail is they read, study, read some more, and thats it. They dont take action, or if they they take a baby step and then get caught up in the "next big thing" and so they hop to that method.
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    Hey you guys are dutch? I'm a Belgian, LOL
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    Chair moistener.
    i once went dutch treat.
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    The reason most people fail in IM is because they fail in IM.

    Nahh mean?
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    I just want to point out one thing:

    A Policeman is not higher on the social ladder. They just possess a certain authority that can be misused and therefore they may think they're higher positioned. They're not.
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    Money Maker :)
    The bank
    The reason people fail is because they give up. or are retarded and dont work.
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    the truth is that IM is not an easy job
    you have to be patient and have to explore new areas and techniques
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    The reason people fail is lack of common sense :/