The Reason Businesses Should Blog And How To Make It Profitable.

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    Blogging is one of the major pillars of internet marketing and I?ve good reasons to believe so. There are many people who disagree but, I strongly believe that a blog increases your chances of making money online through attraction marketing.

    I?m often asked questions like:

    Why should I blog?, or...
    I don?t like the idea of blogging.
    Do I have to blog?
    Will there be an aspect of blogging?

    The answer to all of these questions is:

    Not if you don?t have to. But, blogging can really help a business.

    Here?s my take on blogging for business.

    Firstly, you need an audience to develop relationships with and blogging is the best way of doing this through attraction marketing or giving people what they want so they come and find you not the other way around.

    You put out content on a regular basis and Google sees you are putting up content and so will put you in the search engines for what it thinks is relevant to what someone has just typed in.

    if you don?t blog, it might be difficult for you to engage your audience and no-one will know you exist as you will have just have an island in internet land and be hard to be discovered.

    So, start a blog and you will make engaging with your audience online easier.

    Next, what blogging allows you to do is connect with people. This is due again to your content being regularly updated and Google sending you some traffic but there is also a comment section where you can build a mini community of people that like what you?re doing.
    When you blog, it allows your personality to come out which also helps with the connection to your prospects rather than a stuffy corporate website written in the 3rd person. Don?t worry, I?ve seen them!

    Blogging just allows your audience to connect with you and get to know the person not the company. Noticing a common theme?
    People buy from people, it doesn?t matter what the product. If you have a pleasing nature, it comes out in your writing and can attract customers or push them away.

    The thing is that you have to remember as well is that not everyone will be attracted to you. Kind of like dating.

    But when its done properly, blogging increases online lead generation and portrays you in good light amongst potential customers.
    Blogging can make you a leader in your niche.
    If you don?t blog, you may not get known in your niche and just be a nobody as no-one will get a chance to see any content of yours.

    The benefit of branding you and your business.
    This is due to the viral effect blogging can have.

    Blogging allows you to be looked on as being an expert in your field.
    The good thing about blogging is that it can serve any industry pretty well.

    It doesn?t matter whether you are in the retail sector, education, personal training, or health and fitness, or finance, blogging brings out the best in you for the benefit of your audience and prospects.

    Finally, blogging gets people to your social networks due to your content and thoughts as you become more well known.

    In conclusion: Blogging can get you fans that like you, make you looked on as an authority in your niche and increases brand awareness so, as a tool, I?d say it?s pretty useful!

    Hope you got value from that, any other insights and comments for things I?ve missed are more than welcome,
    Have a great day!
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    Good attempt at a rewrite. It was the "attraction marketing" keyword that nailed you. Ya know, citing the original source is always a good thing.
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    wtf, you wrote an essay.
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    Honestly I find blogs for small businesses pointless even when they have relative fresh content for their niche the only comments you get are spammers and a waste of time when you could be doing something much more important for their business.