The REAL Rules of A Blackhatter - A Tribute to Madinaz

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    Hey, everyone. I know i don't post much but I thought I should make
    thread due to the recent events of Madinaz's death. This is not about
    Madinaz, but life in general. Everything in this thread has come from
    my thoughts from death I have encountered in my own life. I have had
    2 friends killed by drunk drivers, on separate occasions. On both occasions
    me and a few other people all got together and just chilled in someone's
    basement, played some light music, and just talked all night. It was
    through these conversations that I developed the way I live my life.

    Here's a little background on me... I am 16 years old, living in the States.
    I come from a well-off family. We have a vacation house down the shore
    where we live in for the summer and I work. I drink/smoke on the rare
    occasion. I am ridiculously smart, and equally lazy, thus I take normal
    level courses in school and ace them easily, rather then take advanced
    courses(which i could easily ace) and get loads of homework. So here it goes.

    Here's reality: You are going to die. Everyone you know is going to die.

    The question is this: You die, and your looking back at your life. Do you
    want to think "Fuck yah i did good" or "wow, i did shitty".

    In the end it all really comes down to the fact if you were happy or not.
    If you were happy throughout your life, then you have succeeded.

    I used to be a straight a's advanced courses student. You know, the one
    who could make anything look easy. That was up until my first friend died
    from a drunk driver. That event made me realize. I was miserable. I was
    constantly stressing out over tests and homework. I would come home
    and do homework til dinner then do more homework after. I was so
    miserable... but others were happy. I decided to take a step back. I
    bitched and I moaned until my mom finally gave in and lowered all my class
    levels. Nothing has ever made me happier. I had so much free time, I didn't
    even know what to do with it. The fact that I got to relax made me 10x
    happier then I had ever been before. I was a changed person. My mom
    was not happy about it, but who cares... I didn't want to be a doctor or
    a lawyer.

    The point of that little story is, if you are doing something in your life that
    is making you over-stressed and unhappy, then take a step back. You may
    take a small pay-cut or something of that sort, but you can't put a price
    on happiness.

    I've always told my parents... put me on a beach-front house... anywhere in the world and an easy job that doesn't earn much and I will be happy.
    They think I'm joking. I am completely serious. A shack with 1 shitter, 1 small bedroom, and a kitchen/living room on the beach and an 8$ an hour
    job. Nothing could be better.

    I would type more... I could go on for hours, but I am mad sick and gunna go to sleep. Remember, if your not happy with you life at the moment.
    Change it. In the end what does it all mean. You had a bently, and some
    smoking wife? The real question is... Were you happy?

    RIP Madinaz- I never talked to you but you made a huge impact on this
    forum, and as you can tell by all the posts on the forum, you will be greatly
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