The Real eWhore Secrets Revealed!

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    I debated for awhile if I should reveal these "secrets" about eWhoring and thought well, why not. I've included an affiliate link at the bottom so if you want to thank me and add some cash to my pocket please feel free.

    The Escort System

    Where to Place Ads
    First off you will need to post in Cra*gs L*st but the one hurdle you are all finding difficult to bypass is that wonderful phone verification. There is an almost unbelievably easy way around that.


    Just set up another phone line on your current service, but not just any phone line but something that is called RingMaster. Your area may call it something else but it is an additional phone number that rings on your current line. Depending on where you are located you can have up to 3 additional phone numbers attached to your current line. Also when those RingMaster lines ring through they have a different ring pattern so you can identify what line is being called. The other great thing about RingMaster is it is cheap and should cost you no more than $5.00 to $6.00 a month for each additional number.

    Here is the key, you can set up as many RingMaster numbers as you want and once you are verified with cL you can just have the number removed. A lot of people use these numbers for different members of the family and the distinct ring feature lets them know who is calling. If the phone company give you any grief about adding and deleting the numbers just tell them the person that used that number moved out of the house.

    The Hook-em Ads
    Most escorts are just regular girls with minimal HTML skills so don't do a super duper slick ad. Leave out the cutesy working like "cum on over" and other such crap. Your ad should read like someone who is selling their goodies for cash, period.

    Hi guys I'm back in town and hoping to hook up with some friendly guys again, hey Ben of you are around lets hook up again. You guys know the deal roses gets you poses.

    A little corny but real and with a reference to a former client.

    I have a few more that I use but I'll save that for another time.


    You have to be consistent and post as many ads as you can. Make sure to use as many emails and IPs as you can to hide your tracks and keep those ads running.
    I also run ads where the response is pushed towards meeting on CAM and then I push AWE.

    Where do You Send Them?
    I use Leg*l Escorts Ca$h and AWE (See links below)

    This part is crucial in closing the sale. If you have a response to the ad then you already have a customer, you just have to close them. I do some emails before I push the link to add to the excitement of what I have for "sale". Tell a story about your last encounter and the perfect place to find such a story is on hxxp:// Search for casual encounters and paraphrase don't copy the story. There are so many stories there you should never have to repeat a story.

    This is a little more work but you WILL close more customers this way instead of just responding with a canned response. If you are going to be an eWhore then be the best you can be! Remember this, they may be thinking with the little head but the big head can still see...

    I hope these "secrets" are of some value to you and I would appreciate it if you used these links to sign up with (hopefully with Mod approval of course)
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    Nice.. +1 for you
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    hehe... thats a lot of work to validate a CL account... I just text my friends that CL is going to text them a code and to text me back the code. I have 20+ accounts that way.
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    lol or just sign up for a free virtual number that is forwarded to your normal phone line there is a 2 day free trial on jetnumbers
    or just google search for free virtual numbers loads out there.....

    and im reallllly new to this....
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    Those affiliate referral links need to be in your sig., dude. You are not permitted to put them in the body of a post.
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    Another way to profit from this is to sign up affiliates under you. You only get $2 per sign up but it is pretty easy to get guys who want to be pimps out there. Tested it the other day. The ad got flagged after a couple of hours but not after getting 123 responses which led to 28 affiliate signups. Obviously the ad needs to be fine tuned to not get flagged and the system needs to be fine tuned to rollout with followup emails to motivate them more but haven't had the time. Maybe some of you can ad to it here. Anyway here is the ad I ran:

    Need a Promoter For My Special Services
    SWF 20 is looking for someone to promote my special services. If you think you would be good at getting me the right clients, you can easily make $50 an hour or more. All you really need is good communication, organizational skills and an internet connection. My services sell themselve easily but I don't have enough time to do it all myself. I don't want to go into all the details here in public so contact me and we can get into more about how the position works.

    Replied to emails with:

    Guy wanting to be pimp,

    All you have to do is sign up at my agency here h**p://www.h*iddentity.c*om/es*cort/tyler*4fun.html . They will give you all the info you need to start promoting my special services along with a lot of my friends services too. It doesn't cost you anything, no cc or anything and they will hook you up and give you all the help you need. They pay every Monday and you can easily make a lot more than $50 an hour just working in your spare time. I can't wait, we are going to make a lot of money together. If you are not interested let me know please so I can find someone else. School is starting and I don't have all my tuition together yet. I can send you some pics if you want to make sure I'm attractive enough for you to promote.

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    I do stuff and things
    Wow ewhoring and epimping haha nice idea. lol
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    anyone tried this with dating sites?
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    wow, you guys are pretty blatant with your h*idd*en affiliate links or should i say
    affiliate links?
    this whole thread is SPAM.