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    Hi guys,

    Firstly, I wanna say thanks to BHW.. There's really a lot of tips and tricks around here.

    Now, here comes the part where you will succeed. This is actually grayhat.

    How to succeed in PPC?
    Ans: Bid on the product name.

    But there's too much competition..
    Ans: Don't bid on the U.S market. Bid on other countries. It's literally untapped.

    Won't google disapprove the ad or ban you?
    Ans: Now, this is the part where it gets pretty technical. Make it look like you're tracking that keyword, or you can really track that keyword if you want to. 301 your "tracking" domain it to the product website without an affiliate link. Once your ad and everything is approved, change the 301 redirect to your aff link. Don't forget to blank/fake the referrer.

    That's about it.. And sorry for my poor English.. :(

    P/S : I'm currently also testing out Facebook Offers and it seems to be the next big thing..
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