The Pursuit of Happyness

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    Before anyone corrects me and says "that ain't how u speel happiness" I'm talking about the movie.

    If you have seen it you'll know what I'm talking about it, if not...

    The man, Chris, played by Will Smith has a 5 year old son. The premise of the movie is that he has never made it...always chasing dreams. He has these huge bone scanner mahcines he's trying to sell. He has no money, IRS problems, his wife is a Bee-atch and leaves him. He ends up homeless. He gets into a training program to be a financial advisor/stock broker. Training is UNPAID, and only 1 of the twenty in the program are offered a job.

    Here's the point of this post...

    Throughout the movie, the little boy tells jokes.

    The little boy says...

    "There is a man drowning in the ocean...and he is praying to God. God please save me. A boat comes along and asks if he needs help. "No" the man says, "God will save me." The boat leaves.

    So the man continues to pray..."God! Please save me."

    A second boat comes along. "Do you need help?"

    "No! God will save me!"

    The boat leaves and the man drowns.

    The man gets into Heaven and says "God, what happened? I thought you would save me"

    To which God replies "I sent two boats you dummy!"

    So, I have been on this forum a while and all of the information is overwhelming at times. But I look at all of the ideas, tips, tricks etc and I can't help but think about this joke.

    How many people on this forum are looking for something to "save" them within the confines of their expectancies, rather than taking the help that is being offered.

    What are you waiting for?

    Don't you recognize your boat when you see it?
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