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The psychology of blog moderation

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jaggg, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Feb 28, 2011
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    The psychology of blog moderation

    The following report intends on outlining a strategy for comment approval by blog moderators. It is based on my short but intense experience with scrapebox.

    I have been spamming for only a month now, but have a rich experience in coding, cms, seo, and web-design. On top of that I'm very ambitious, not to say greedy.

    I have found the following modus operandi to be best suited for my needs, that being: creating a constant trickle of high quality links to an array of long tail targeted websites.

    0) My PC is constantly running in the background as I go about my other web oriented business.
    1) My starting point is a single "quality" spamming target, mostly pr>=4 obl<15.
    2) I harvest all the other spammers that infest the starting point URL.
    3) I harvest all their pages from all search engines.
    4) I harvest all the backlinks these spammers are getting.
    5) I remove duplicates and check OBL, removing everything >50.
    6) I run blog analyzer.

    This divides all my targets into 4 categories:

    a) captcha blogs -> check PR, add pr>4 to "manual submission" list, dispose of the rest.
    b) Recognized open platforms -> check PR, add pr>2 to "manual submission" list, add pr>=0 and <=2 to "slow submission list", and all pr=NA to "fast submission link"
    c) Unknown platforms -> same as b.
    d) Errors -> run through blog analyzer again, and then dispose.
    7) Run fast post with "junk" generic comments for "junk" 3rd level sites.
    Submit rate: 3%
    Stick rate (after 2 weeks):5%
    8) Run slow post for 2nd level hub sites.
    Submit rate: 7% (+3% false failures)
    Stick rate (after 2 weeks):25%
    9) Run Manual posting for money sites.
    Submit rate: 100%
    Stick rate (after 2 weeks):45%

    The low rates of slow posting submission and stick(dom?) surprised me, so I sat down to try and figure out how to up my success rate.
    I figured a target is "worth" more the more it progresses up the chain of actions mentioned above (as I have invested more resources in it).
    By that logic, I should focus my effort in upping the success percentage at the highest point, and work my way down.
    The top point is the actual submission, which leads me to consider what kind of comment a blog moderator would approve of.

    (Finally) The psychology of blog moderation

    In order to approve a comment, a moderator has to "get" something out of it.
    Possible "benefit points" could be:
    1) Moderator enjoyed the comment, and wants to pass on the fun.
    2) Moderator feels the comment will shed a positive light on himself or his blog.
    3) Moderator is interested in pulling the commenter in to being a regular contributor to the blog.
    4) Moderator is touched emotionally by the comment.

    In order for a comment to be approved, it is preferable to include as many "benefit points" as possible.

    I have devised some ground rules for an optimal comment:

    1) The comment should be attributed to a female ("benefit point" 4).
    2) The comment should be 100-150 words long ("benefit points" 2, 3, 4).
    3) The comment should touch on an emotional common denominator aspect like family, romantic relationship, overcoming hardship, hope etc ("benefit points" 4).
    3) The comment should touch on a common interest subject like: selebs, magic, gender etc ("benefit points" 1).
    3) The comment should be humorous ("benefit points" 1).
    3) The comment should be articulate ("benefit points" 2).
    3) The comment should hint at the possibility of further involvement with the blog ("benefit points" 3).
    3) The comment should be positive + a hint of disagreement with the post ("benefit points" 3, 4).

    I intend on creating a few such comments, and running with them for a couple of weeks.
    I would appreciate any contribution of ideas and suggestions about my scrapebox routine or comment format.

    I would post the results of the run in a few weeks.
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