The Power of a Positive Attitude in Blogging Success

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    I will admit that I joined BHW about a month ago because I have a lot to learn in making money online. Even though my first few threads were not total noob material, they were IMO depressing, and a lack of secrets exposed or anyone telling me I was going to be okay didn't help. That's okay though.

    This week I finished working hard to produce a guest post for a very popular website in my niche. It took a while, needed tons of edits, but it took off like you read about in other blogs. On the first day I had 500 visitors to my blog, which normally receives only 40-50 per day! That article, which was huge had two links to my blog in it and appears on the first page of Google for its topic under the news search! Awesome!

    I used that positive success and emailed a few other bloggers in my niche requesting an opportunity to guest post, using my latest success as an example. All three were absolutely thrilled!

    Then I used that positive success to find a handful of blogs that share links regularly as a weekly roundup. I sent them emails about my latest post, which I put a lot of work into and I think is awesome. So far (it's only Tuesday), half got back to me and most said they will post my link!

    That is the power of a positive attitude in blogging. I'm using the Nike example and just doing it. I'm using less tips and tricks from now on and simply doing it!

    Anyone else feel that way?
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