The Percentage Of Main Keyword In Your Article

in 2024, this is a wrong question to ask. Now google is more about "entities" rather than "keywords". Instead of thinking of singular keywords, you need to plan your content in such a way to include different entities to give it the maximum context.

You can learn some of these from Koray[HolisticSEO].

To practice this for now you can probably get the neuron writer which is at lifetime deal currently on Appsumo. Other tools like surfer are tad expensive but they do the same thing.
It's called keyword stuffing. It was killed by
Panda update
Date: February 24, 2011

Hazards: Duplicate, plagiarized or thin content; user-generated spam; keyword stuffing
Some blogs are able to rank content even with keyword stuffing. Just the right seo is needed for this.

What's the recommended percentage of the main keyword in the article?

I mean, I am using 40 times my main keyword "health". The article has around 800 words, it's like 6% Percentage.

i think you referring to single word kw, then i think it should be fine around 5% and when you go more than 2 single words kw then keep keep 2-3 and more than3 word kws its better to keep 1-2 max.
First focus on an article that looks natural and forget about keyword stuffing. Use 2-3% keyword density in your article either 500 words or 1500 words.
The main keyword should appear naturally within the text, making up about 1-2% of the total words. It's essential to prioritize readability and user experience over keyword stuffing, as overloading your content with keywords can lead to a poor user experience and may even be penalized by search engines.
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