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Samples and latest discount please.

I'm afraid I don't do samples and definitely no discounts. This is a super premium product. Lowest OBL of any PBN that I know of, and crazy expensive auction domains(4 to 5 figure auction domains). My cheapie domains are $300-$500!

But, have a look at the latest sales page here - https://wolfofblogstreet.com/

It's full of all the information you'll need about the wolf network, including as close as you'll get to samples with some blurred out screenshots of the pbns. They really are as high quality as you'll get though. I spend $300 per design. That's more than the cost of domains in your typical pbn and that's JUST the design.
Could you please send me a sample

A sample of what?

Please see my reply above.

I'm not selling cake. I don't have any samples. There's nothing to samples. You rent links and be patient as you grow your site. You get more links every couple of months and keep growing until you're making a great ROI. You can't sample results.
Can I see clients results? and whats the best package for a movie site (about 80 - 100 bucks a month)

It's unlikely I'll approve your site though. I don't accept pirate streaming. It would need to be a legitimate streaming site

Feel free to apply and I'll take a look though.

account is not approved yet

I couldn't accept you on the network, sorry. I've pm'd you the reasons.
Can I see few samples please?

I don't show samples as this would expose my network and also my clients to anyone who asked.

You can learn everything you need to, including some blurred out screenshots of how the sites look here - wolfofblogstreet.com

But this pbn is as high quality as you can possibly get. I'm spending generally a minimum $300-$500 per domain, with most of them being well over $1k, and some being as much as $11,000 JUST for the domain. Design I spend $300 per site and more for content. These are not sloppy setups that you are used to seeing.

If you've got a serious business and you want the best, then this is the network for you. If you just want a few cheap links for a small site, then there are better alternatives on bhw.
Update: Thread Edited

The seller has contacted us to change the content of the opening post in their sales thread. The old content and the new content can be found in the spoilers below.

Title: Wolf Network | Niche PBNs | TF15 to TF45+ RDs 30 to 2200+ | Buy Posts - Pay Monthly


Title: The Wolf Network - A Next Generation PBN - Average RDs 500+ - Average DR 30+

Click here to view the entire sales page on my website, where it will look a lot nicer - https://wolfofblogstreet.com









Frequently Asked Questions

Does the monthly price include content?

Your post will be on the homepage as long as your rental is live. If you cancel your subscription, your link is removed.

What is the refund policy?

Once your order has started processing there are no refunds.

If your order renews, then there are no refunds.

You can cancel your subscription on your account management page. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription.

The network is limited to only 8 spots per pbn, so I cannot have people renew, then a week later say they want to cancel and ask for a refund.

If you don’t want to continue, then log on and cancel your subscription so I have notice to re-sell the homepage spots.

The only circumstance you’ll get a refund is if you cancel and the renewal goes through.

Failure to cancel because you forgot is not an excuse.

Can you help with my anchor text and advise on pages to link to?

You can either select your own pages to link to and anchor text, or I can help you with one, or both. I’m here to help and make sure you get the best results possible.

Will I get a report?

Like all PBN providers I don’t provide a report as it’s really not safe to do so.

You will see some of the links show up on your google search console. Plenty of clients have seen them, and that’s fine. I just don’t want to send a spreadsheet with the full list of live links.

I’ll send you a spreadsheet with your schedule showing the PBN ids, anchor, page and drip date.

You are after all paying for results, so if you don’t see results within 2 to 3 months it makes no difference how good the links you see are.

Can I get a rank tracking link?

I don’t do this as standard, but if you’d like me to add some keywords to my rank tracker and send you a viewing link then just let me know after you order.

What's the TAT?

Anything from 3 to 12 days depending on how busy things are. I only use my in-house team of trained writers so when there are a lot of orders you need to be a little more patient.

However, I always set your first renewal to 1 month after your order starts dripping, not 1 month after you pay. This means you are not paying for the fulfillment time.

N.B. If you pay via PayPal (Which is disabled by default) then I cannot change your renewal.

What payment methods do you accept?

The standard and best way to pay is with your card. I use Stripe to process the payments.

Stripe let me change your renewal date to a month after your order starts as opposed to 1 month after you pay.

I can accept PayPal as a last resort if you absolutely cannot pay via Stripe, but you’ll have to ask me privately about this as it’s not enabled on the site by default.

You can wire the money via TransferWise manually each month for orders over $1,000 per month.

How can I get in contact with you outside of the website?

You can email me, tom at wolfofblogstreet dot com

or add me on skype: thomas.belfort.me



















































Notes: This service was not re-tested.
As an industry 'veteran' i was at first very dubious at the claims made by Tom on the quality of his network.

I've bought 90%+ of the networks on here with crappy setups, low quality content and poor results - so I wasn't expecting much.

Tom spoke with me on Skype for over an hour, showed me how his network is setup and how it differs to the rest.

He also showed me a few of his sites - which he was reluctant to do to protect his network!

The quality of setup did look very good, and the content was very well written - however, I was still doubtful.

Being in an extremely competitive niche for over 4 years and never breaking past page 2 using guest posts and niche edits,
using multiple services and testing various platforms had left me overly cautious to try new things.

Tom reassured me of the power of these links so i decided to give it a try.

To cut a long story short, after 6 weeks one of my main pages has gone from mid page 2 to #5 for a very competitive term.

All of the longtail variations have also gone to page 1.

Results speak for themselves, and i've just bought some more links from this network.
I've been on Tom's network for about 2~ish months now. If you check back a couple pages you will see how ecstatic I was on waiting to get on this network. Needless to say it has exceeded expectations and the hype is REAL.

I've bought many different kind of links (pbns, niche edits, guest posting, web 2.0s etc) throughout BHW but NOTHING even comes close to the Wolf Network or ANY SEO agency for that matter. If you can do your own research and know how to manage your SEO + use this wolf network you will be saving a TON of money. Honestly at this point I don't even see much reason to do ANY link building other then PBN's. I've tried and kept hammering different type of links but this seems to be the only thing that actually moves the needle, and it moves a LOT.

What your paying for in this service isn't just PBN links. You will get helped by the amazing owner TOM himself who is 1 of the most knowledgable person in THE SEO world. I would definitely put him up in there in the top 15 smartest SEO people in the WORLD. Check out his posts on BHW helping thousands of people with his knowledgeable guides.

He has helped me tremendously in SEO. His advice is worth thousands of dollars that you are getting for free by just being on his network. That alone is worth it.

I'll continue to buy links from Tom and ANY services he provides. Thank you Tom!
Hey guys,

I've been expanding rapidly in 2021 and I've got spots available.

Anyone who's applied in the past year and didn't hear back can re-apply again and they'll hear back within 24 hours.

Head over to https://wolfofblogstreet.com/wolf-network/apply/ to apply.

I have a wide range of PBNs available ranging from $10 per month right up to $300+ per month. Something to suit all budgets. You only need to start with a $50 to $150 per month subscription to start seeing growth.

Please send me the list of domains you publish guest posts and one sample report. Thanks.
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