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overdue review for tom's wolf network. Been adding toms link to all of our SEO clients ( mainly local business ) and all of them achieved top 3 results a month after subscribing to the network. FYI we've spent hundreds of dollars before buying niche edits & guest post with little results.

Tom's communication and advice is probably the best you can get. The advice you can get from him is probably worth more than what you'll pay for the links.
I'm subscribed to the Wolf network for over 2 months and my traffic got increased substantially. Still trying to work with him to get even higher rankings and he is really a nice guy! It's really worth a shot if you have the budget for it!
Order : 14687

SplishSplash is the real deal, built a site based on his guide on here (to the letter) and it's doing great. His network is top-notch and you're in good hands with him.

Don't wait until the spots fill up, the inventory goes fast but is totally worth it. The more expensive links really pack a punch and rock the serps.
Bought just one link from Tom a few months ago, tbh at that time I felt the price was a little high but after few weeks the link showed up on my search console. And I have to say, the price was completely justified. The metrics were just amazing and the design of the website was good too. Apart from this Tom helped me a lot to improve the on-page SEO of my website. Answered my every question. The overall rating is 10/10, will be buying more links for sure.
Bought 6 links last month from Tom's network and since last week my traffic doubled. A lot of the keywords that were on the first page lower positions now they are at 3-4 position. I bought 2 links that were pointing to the homepage and already it got me a boost to a lot of the other pages that I haven't focused on building links to. I highly recommend applying and buying links from him.
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This is a review of Tom's wolf PBN.

I rented 2 links from Tom in January and I was seeing movements fast.

As you can see on the graph above I had a solid spike of traffic at the time.

I will no doubt be getting more links when I can afford them and I will be sure to post the results here again.

I'm currently re-doing the sales page and re-designing the site. If you're applying just now you might notice the formatting is a little off. That's because I've removed Thrive themes, so I need to re-do my formatting in Elementor.

In case anyone is wondering why the results post is outdated (Aug 2020), it's because the network has been so full, and the waiting list so long I haven't even bothered to do a new one.


I've been investing BIG since November and the inventory is really building up so there are more and more spots becoming available.

That means I'll be doing an April 2021 Wolf Results post so you can see all the success stories from the past 6 months.

Now's the time to apply.

Anyone who's applied in the past year and hasn't heard, feel free to apply again to push a fresh application to the top of the list. (I'm responding to all fresh applications now within 48 hours, guaranteed)

I'll also be writing a ton of new guides over April, including a new updated "How to Silo in 2021" which will be here, free for everyone on bhw.

If you want results like the guys reviewing above then go and apply now at https://wolfofblogstreet.com/wolf-network/apply/

Don't miss out. This is a rare chance to get spots on a next generation ultra private PBN.
I rented 12 links for 2 websites from Tom on February 24, even with such highly competitive keywords most of my articles are targeting, I've seen a great increase in my rankings, some keywords hit a new record a couple of weeks after the drip started. I am still working on content optimization, fixing on-page, links out of the network, etc.. hopefully I get the keywords out of the page 2/3 soon.
Tom is very patient and helpful, I wanted to thank him for working with me on fixing my special case payment method, choosing for me the anchors and pages, and following-up with his valuable insights. If you are still in the fence, just get in while you still can. It's a great value.
I signed up on your website a few days ago and contacted you on skype as well, waiting for your feedback!

how to order on wolfofblogstreet.com.

You need to first apply here https://wolfofblogstreet.com/wolf-network/apply/ then when approved I'll activate your account and contact you.

how to order...your website is not working, unable to access inventory even after login

It does work, but you need to wait for me to approve your account. The network is approval only, so no one can order until I've checked their application and had a chat.

I'll have a look at your application in the morning and send you an email.
This is the best service on BHW. Got some very difficult keywords ranked with the help of Tom. I just want to say thank you and looking forward to building more and more links with you!
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