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Everything on the sales page is old. I'll update the sales page at some point, but I still have more clients than I do spaces on the network.

Everything is listed inside the account page once you're approved. Metrics mean very little though. There are RD 200, DR50 domains that are pure garbage.

An example of how meaningless DR/RDs are by themselves:- metamorphozis.com

DR 83 site with 7k referring domains. Ranks for 799 keywords with 500 traffic and the backlinks are pure garbage.

But if you go by metrics you'd think that was a monster. It's not.

Really, I don't sell links. I sell results. I obviously don't guarantee results, but I am really not selling links. I am selling you results for a monthly fee. Generally, you just judge the power by the total monthly. Ie, $50/mo is a little power, $200/mo is a good chunk of power. $400-$500/mo is a shit-ton of power.

The pbns themselves vary from $5/mo to $70/mo, but I don't add anything under $10-$12/mo now unless it's a rare niche. I tend to stick with the $15 to $50/mo, and I'm leaning MORE towards the $30+/mo ones as the results they get is just unbelievable. IMO, 5x$40/mo are far more powerful than 40x$5/mo domains.

You can see the backlinks each pbn has, but as a wolf client your best bet is to just put your trust in me. My sole aim is to get people results and a good ROI. My own profits naturally will follow from that over time and I believe that's a better way to do business.

Some people just go and pick some links, but usually I take a look at your site and advise you. If it's a newer site or one I don't think has a good chance of success, I recommend $50-$100/mo of links for 2 months. Very little risk. If your site looks healthy and I think you have a strong chance of success I generally recommend $100 to $200/mo for a couple of months, then for both types, if they're happy with growth, just add more every 4-6 weeks.

Hence, there's very little risk. I'm not asking people to drop $1000's and wait months.

Just pick a budget and follow my advice. :)

If you want to give it a try, apply and when I've got space I'll get you going.

Great response! My site is new and I’ll be looking for something to get started with over the next month or so as I get some meaty authoritative articles on, thanks!
Hey SplishSplash

I applied on 21st September. Been waiting patiently for 3 weeks. Meanwhile another VIP (same as me) applied after I did on the 1st October and confirmed they placed an order on the 3rd October. How come they were able to jump the queue?

Hey SplishSplash

I applied on 21st September. Been waiting patiently for 3 weeks. Meanwhile another VIP (same as me) applied after I did on the 1st October and confirmed they placed an order on the 3rd October. How come they were able to jump the queue?


Hey Deadpool,

There's quite a few people still on the application list I've not contacted. I generally don't just hammer through the application list, but contact a few people at a time.


Anyone who reaches out with a pm, email or skype I always prioritize because they're hungry to buy. You'd be surprised how many people apply, I contact them and they don't even give me the courtesy of a response to say they they don't want to order.

Your sites are approved and since you've responded here I'll activate your account and send you a pm with details.

Anyone else that applied a while ago is welcome to pm me with a follow up or post here and I'll move you to the top of the list.
Review: It's been about 2 months now since my order was completed. I bought 4 links just to test and man..what a boost this service has given my site. It was making around $30 July, then made $56 in August and last month it went to $100+ also this month is looking solid and may break $150. I have bought many links in the past ("PBN's") but those never gave this kind of boost this fast and I'm not even using this guy's best links.

I'm already looking to buy some of Tom's best links the ones in the $20-$40/month range and higher which I'm sure will push this site to $400+ I'm already re-investing whatever it's making right now and will keep on repeating this.

Tom has been really helpful with with his tips on improving my site's on-page and some of the information he shared with me, I feel like any other person would've charged for this. So I really appreciate his time. He really wants you to succeed and will do everything to help you get there. I've never seen any other seller before go to great lengths in making sure you get decent return on investment with the links. 10/10 on customer service and 10/10 on links. I highly highly recommend this service!
How do I place an order?

Hey, I applied for my site, please take a look when you can.

@splishsplash Submitted my application, me and my partners would love to work with you.

Just read through the result on your blog post. Very impressive.

I applied to the list. Wanna get on board ASAP.

Thanks for applying, guys.

Please bare with me everyone. I am so swamped with work right now and I'm quite low on spots. I'll be in touch with as many as I can, but I'm actively adding more to the network. It's quite slow to build because I don't just grab any old domain to make a quick buck from. I only buy good domains that I think will get people results, that's really my my sole criterea when buying, and I also don't re-purpose so I can't just head to the auctions and buy stacks of like 50 domains. :)

I'm not trying to create "fake shortage" here with the waiting lists etc, so please don't be offended if you can't get on just now. I'm just doing my best to build up a quality business and everyone with a suitable site will have a place as the network grows.

I also age my domains for 3 weeks before starting to take orders so by the time anyone's order goes live they have been sitting for a good 4-6 weeks. This further adds delays! Unfortunately quality takes time.

I've got another 9 domains getting designs done now, and I'll be investing another $10k in domains over the next 2 weeks to get another 20-25 added.

Thanks for your patience, guys! Look forward to working with everyone.
So when you apply is this for an account that you can buy links to multiple websites, or for an account for 1 specific website?
just applied! look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting one of my sites approved to test your service ASAP. Thanks in advance!
random review: my traffic is continuously growing since I join his network ;)


not a traffic boner but a steady growth which is superb!

disclaimer: I'm not bias to @splishsplash in any way, just want others to know the benefits that they will reap when they subscribe. :)

great work!
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