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Time to test this service out.

P.S Tom gave me in-depth advice before I'd even spent a penny. Top entrepreneur.
Time for a little shameless self-promotion. :)

While many pbns are built with $20 expired domains and $79 dropcatch domains here's what I'm bidding on for the Wolf.. Competing with the guys looking for money site domains here..

I'm sure everyone says they get "powerful" domains, but how many will actually show you what they are bidding on?

I'm aware of no one else on the planet who is building pbns at this level. This is the reason the guys above reviewing are seeing results. I go ALL OUT to get unbelievable domains, then I invest further in quality hosting, excellent designs and money site content. Then I age them for a month before accepting no more than 10 homepage posts on them.

(Happy to show the undisclosed screenshots to any mod/admin)

First one over at dropcatch.com - Max bid is $630 here.


Here's one on GoDaddy. Currently at $305 with a max bid of $670. Who do you know that's selling low obl posts on domains and paying this much for them? Heck, most people building their own private pbns are only paying up to $200-$300 per domain. This is ultra level pbns, guys.


Another one here, $306 current bid, max is $735. Seven. Three. Five. 7 bidders on this, so it's likely to go for between $500 and $700. And this one here will be priced between $29/mo and $35/mo depending on what I get it for. Still another $50 for design, $60/year for hosting and $50 initial content to go on this. That's potentially up to $900 total costs in year 1 and you can get a link on this for $35/mo. The way I price it should also tell you how confident I am that my domains will last for years. I'm not trying to make a quick buck here. I'm pricing these based on a lifetime value of 5 years. You could either spend $900 and build 1 pbn like this every month, or you could spend $900/mo and get THIRTY monsters like this pointing to your site.


I've still got a big waiting list. I've got about 35 people still to contact and I'm running really low on spots, but I'm adding domains as fast as I can, so head over to https://wolfofblogstreet.com/wolf-network/apply/ and jump on the waiting list. It'll be worth the wait.

Anyone who's still waiting to hear from me I apologize for not getting back to you yet. I've still got some spots left and I'll be contacting a few people, but anyone who's serious can send me a pm and I'll push you up to the front of the waiting list.

And remember..

You aren't just buying pbn links. I treat all my clients like seo agency clients. I'll audit your site and give you all the advice you need to succeed. I have an 80% client retention rate because I give my clients the extra support they need to get success. Sometimes links aren't enough and you need those critical on-page changes. If so, I'll tell you what to fix before you order.

So head over and apply now and let's have a chat.

Best network by far plus Tom is a really really cool guy to do business with.

We reached #1 for a 110k search vol keyword, it went from #7 to #1 after getting a big package from Tom! Amazing!


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Just applied!

Thanks. I'll be in touch as soon as I can.

Applied but I do not know how to subscribe.

I'll be in touch with you to discuss your application and if you're accepted your account will be upgraded and you'll be able to view the available spots and order.

Interested in your technology list, please, send me an example

Sorry I can't just send over my pbns. Read the reviews and if you want to get some links then apply and join the waiting list.
Order 9415. I recently placed my 4th order for a handful of the powerful links. I placed my first small order in April along with small ones months along the way. I've seen great results in a competitive e-commerce niche with one of my top keywords now averaging 1.5. I'm confident this last order will help boost the other large keywords to the first/top of the page within the coming weeks. I already saw a nice boost in traffic the last couple of weeks.

Tom has also been super hands on and proactively provided feedback on ways I can improve my site to help maximize the juice. He definitely does care about his clients.

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 1.09.45 PM.png
Is gambling related link building possible? Please also ask for information on discount coupons.

I'm afraid not, but you can apply anyway and I'll move you to the gambling waiting list. I plan on building a gambling network when time permits, so I'll contact you when one is available.

Applied a while back. Awaiting approval.

Sent you a pm on monday, but you've not responded yet :)
do you have an up to date list of the sites metrics?

Everything on the sales page is old. I'll update the sales page at some point, but I still have more clients than I do spaces on the network.

Everything is listed inside the account page once you're approved. Metrics mean very little though. There are RD 200, DR50 domains that are pure garbage.

An example of how meaningless DR/RDs are by themselves:- metamorphozis.com

DR 83 site with 7k referring domains. Ranks for 799 keywords with 500 traffic and the backlinks are pure garbage.

But if you go by metrics you'd think that was a monster. It's not.

Really, I don't sell links. I sell results. I obviously don't guarantee results, but I am really not selling links. I am selling you results for a monthly fee. Generally, you just judge the power by the total monthly. Ie, $50/mo is a little power, $200/mo is a good chunk of power. $400-$500/mo is a shit-ton of power.

The pbns themselves vary from $5/mo to $70/mo, but I don't add anything under $10-$12/mo now unless it's a rare niche. I tend to stick with the $15 to $50/mo, and I'm leaning MORE towards the $30+/mo ones as the results they get is just unbelievable. IMO, 5x$40/mo are far more powerful than 40x$5/mo domains.

You can see the backlinks each pbn has, but as a wolf client your best bet is to just put your trust in me. My sole aim is to get people results and a good ROI. My own profits naturally will follow from that over time and I believe that's a better way to do business.

Some people just go and pick some links, but usually I take a look at your site and advise you. If it's a newer site or one I don't think has a good chance of success, I recommend $50-$100/mo of links for 2 months. Very little risk. If your site looks healthy and I think you have a strong chance of success I generally recommend $100 to $200/mo for a couple of months, then for both types, if they're happy with growth, just add more every 4-6 weeks.

Hence, there's very little risk. I'm not asking people to drop $1000's and wait months.

Just pick a budget and follow my advice. :)

If you want to give it a try, apply and when I've got space I'll get you going.
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