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I applied last wednesday when can I expect an answer?

I'll email and pm you today.

Hi Tom,

I know you're super busy, but I'd like to add a few more related domains to the application. I tried doing it through the portal but couldn't find any options.

Hey obswain,

I'll email you today. Your sites are accepted though. You can let me know via email what other sites you want on.

Any plans to include other niches as well?

I have a lot of niches currently available.

The thing to remember is the niches aren't meant to match with your site. "business" for example is quite broad. If you have a site about for example, fish, you don't need a "fish niche".

The reason we do niche networks is so we can make them look more realistic, and so I can match the content with what was previously on the site which makes the domains stronger.

When it comes to getting links, you just pick a variety of niches where we can do content that's related. You definitely wouldn't want only sports sites getting links from the sports network for example. It would create HUGE footprints on my network. A sport site could have links from business, entertainment, news, tech, travel. For example, tech and basketball - https://www.sportinggoodsinfo.com/use-of-technology-in-basketball/. Travel and basketball https://www.sportsver.com/15-countries-where-basketball-is-popular-worldwide/..

You don't rank, and never have from "relevant" links. It's actually one of the bigger myths in seo.

Where relevance is important is in "recapturing" the juice from an aged domain. You must start off with content that matches what was previously on the site, otherwise google just treats it like a new domain.

Having links from articles that make sense also makes your profile look more natural, but google really didn't build or modify their algorithm to work on relevance. It would be quite difficult to do without breaking the serps. What IS relevance? How relevant does an article have to be? What is site relevance? How do you even define site relevance. You can't. A site is just a collection of pages, each page being relevant for a certain keyword, and that keyword being part of a group of keywords. What Google is looking for is authentic, trustworthy, editorial links. Links that the user didn't place. Those are the ones that influence ranking.

Now, there may be something in the algorithm where if you have 100's of really weird, completely irrelevant links that it triggers something. I wouldn't build completely irrelevant links. Generally, as long as you've got links from articles that make sense. You're good to go. Like the "use technology to improve your basketball skill level" article makes sense on a tech site, and it makes sense to link to a basketball site.

So with that in mind. Just apply at https://wolfofblogstreet.com/wolf-network/apply/ and I'll help you choose pbns based on your site, your goals and your budget.
While I agree with you, the niches listed don't really fit for instant a dentist or a general food site or a home improvement one. Diversity is good but relevance mixed in is also important, especially for when you're doing direct money anchors and not brand/naked/misc. And relevance is just what you described - a domain with pages primarily on one niche or a broader niche topic.

I'll definitely take a look and apply at some point, currently
Can you send me sample . I want to check a few things.

I don't really want people "checking a few things" on my network if you don't mind.

Everything is in good working order and I check everything myself.

My service has been approved by the mods, and at any point they can re-check anything on my network.

I have plenty of reviews, and plenty of clients have seen my pbns show up in their google search console. No one is ever disappointed with what they see, because everything I list about my pbns is 100% accurate.
the guy is ignoring me on pms/skype and im trying to buy his service. Waited 1+ week. He is online/active and answer on BHW but he dont bother look at my pms or reply probably.

Good job @splishsplash
the guy is ignoring me on pms/skype and im trying to buy his service. Waited 1+ week. He is online/active and answer on BHW but he dont bother look at my pms or reply probably.

Good job @splishsplash

I have 60 people in the waiting list and close to 100 active clients. I apologize for the delay, but it's because I am in fact providing a good and hands on service for my clients.

Just ask any of my existing clients how much care and attention I give them. I look over their sites and give a multitude of suggestions to help them achieve their goals.

If you are patient with me I will get back to you before the end of the week and you'll receive that same care and attention to detail I give all my clients. I don't treat you like an assembly line where you're in and out as fast as possible.

I am only one person and while I have staff that help me with various duties, I am the only SEO person and the only one equipped to work personally with my clients.

If you'd still like to come on board then let me know and I will make it a priority to get in touch with you as soon as I can.

Thanks buddy.

Tom is one of the best SEO person that can deliver results, his SEO advice alone worth gold in my opinion. If you want to get better results on search engine especially the big G. I can vouch for his service and expertise.
ok i see some people waited more than me.

It seems that my waiting has been paid off. I didnt expect @splishsplash aka TOM to be such a nice guy. Unlike other seo providers here ,he actually cares about ur website and want to rank you properly. Most seo providers in BHW are here to take your money without caring what happens to ur website. I talked a lot to him today and he explained me a lot of things. Very happy with the communication

Placed a order of several PBNS. Let's see how it goes.
the guy is ignoring me on pms/skype and im trying to buy his service. Waited 1+ week. He is online/active and answer on BHW but he dont bother look at my pms or reply probably.

Good job @splishsplash

I have to disagree, while Tom is very busy, he does answer me in 24-48 hours, he actually answers 10+ times more than what I have paid for the service.
To be honest, you got to wait as it is worth it, I have ordered several things on BH, backlinks, posts, comments, the orders from the other 2-3 were waaaaaay low in quality compared to @splishsplash, and worse, one guy I orders from, his articles disappeared two months later ( maybe that was good for me since he added one of my competitors videos to my article!!! Who does that???And when I complained to him, he promised he will fix but he never did)
Anyway, in my experience, Tom was my best so far, very professional and very knowledgeable.

I'm now on my 3rd month of ordering links from Tom. I have one main site with its third month of subscriptions and two other sites "on test" to see how they respond.

Starting to see some good ranking improvements within competitive SERPs. The best thing I'm seeing is that new content seems to be ranking Top 20-30 very quickly now for decent search volume terms. This is a new site but (Amazon) earnings have gone from $10 to $50+ in the last 30 days. It's a small start but its certainly heading in the right direction.

I've said before but the best thing about Tom's service is the customer service and advice he provides. He has helped me avoid costly mistakes that would have ended up costing me more than his service :)
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