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Is there a way to get alerts when new spots open up for your homepage links? Looks like the health category is completely sold out. Also, I'm getting a 404 for your guest posts/niche edits categories. Are those services still in development?

(Can't edit my original post)

I forgot to answer the guest post/niche edit question.

I do let people buy guest posts(but not niche edits anymore as it's too much of a pain) on the network. I keep a list of the sites on the network with traffic numbers so you can see.

But, I don't advertise this, and I don't offer it to anyone unless they're a subscribed client. If you're a client with a decent sub, I can do this for you, but definitely not for anyone who's not renting homepage links.
Can I get samples from TECH NICHE ?

highly interested sample

You can apply to join and go on the waiting list - https://wolfofblogstreet.live/join-today/

If you have really serious businesses and you email me after applying ([email protected]) I'll show you a couple of sites, but this isn't going to happen if you have a fresh domain with a few articles. If you have a SaaS, or a good ecom brand, or a strong service that's ranking and I can see you're a serious person, then I'm open to dicussion.

That goes for anyone. If you want to skip the waiting list, email me and show me you're serious.
can I see a sample site and sample

See my reply above. If you are a serious business I am open to discussion but if you have a small site with a small budget and want to see samples it is a hard NO I am afraid.

Small clients are welcome but it is too much of a risk to expose the network to every new small client that asks.

But, even some of my biggest clients never bothered to see a single site before ordering.

My thread is old. My network is always 80% sold out with a waiting list. If you dont trust that I am indeed selling what I say I am then my network is not for you and you wouldn’t be the right type of client.

I am picky about who I work with. If you are polite and professional I will go above and beyond to help you but if you think just because youre paying that entitles you to access then you would be mistaken.

Youre welcome to send me a pm and let me know a bit about yourself and your business.
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