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The mother of all $$$$$ ideas. Flipping brilliant!! Anyone want to go for a ride?

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by chris23892, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. chris23892

    chris23892 Registered Member

    Sep 7, 2010
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    Systems engineer and Social Media system designer
    Lot's of research on this idea. Two years worth actually. Not sure how much I can discuss on here with out the "Auction" Police and the "product" police smacking me down. I have access to perching a very popular health/nutrition line at deep discounts. I can do this because I am in the "program". The problem is because I'm in the "Program" I'm unable to sell the "Product" at full value or marked down enough to let them fly. The research on this "auction site" for this "product returned 4,894 results. The "product" is flying off the site. Same goes for that "other popular place when things can be sold in stores". A quick search there for this "product" is not able to be counted because of all the sub categories. I can provide the "product" discount but I'm looking for a partner that can "use the auction site" and the "other store" to sell at mark up. Here's the best part!!! The more product I sell, the higher in the food chain I get, the better discount I get hence the more profit. Even have a killer marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic to these places. People are making killing guys. I want a piece of this pie and my heart is broken because I'm stuck. PM me and lets chat .
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  2. I know SEO

    I know SEO The Caretaker Moderator Jr. VIP

    Nov 29, 2012
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  3. montemaur

    montemaur Registered Member

    Jul 5, 2013
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    Not sure I completely understand, but PM me I'm interested to learn more
  4. Liaata

    Liaata Regular Member

    Jan 2, 2012
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    Sounds like some MLM traps
  5. chris23892

    chris23892 Registered Member

    Sep 7, 2010
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    Systems engineer and Social Media system designer
    Here's an update on where I'm at with this. Many PM's on details, so I'll include some here.
    First, I'm not looking to share joint management with an EBay store or amazon Store. I've farmed out a developer to create my own online store. I'm a Herbalife distributor. Yeah, bash it all you want, but here's some curious data from two years:

    • Using the business plan Herbalife sets out, if I follow it, 99.999878% bail as soon as I mention Herbalife
    • Two years of research found a HUGE demand for this product on EBay and Amazon. Go see for yourself. Look at the sellers, see what volume they are doing
    • Conclusion: People Hate on the concept, but they want the product
    That being said, I'm providing a 100% legal gateway to give the masses what they want. My motto, "Just give me my Herbalife and go away"
    I had a store a few years ago and am not eligible to open another one or I'd be doing this. I'm locked at a selling limit of $2,000 or 100 items. I've maxed this out three month in a row. VERY frustrating since I've owned stores in the past and can't open a store or get higher limits (was denied because I had several accounts over the past 10 years)
    Simple supply and demand
    Here are the details:

    • You must have a EBay Store or Amazon store (both is preferred for max profit)
    • Must be willing to either create a store or leverage your current store to focus on nutritional products
    • YOU keep ALL the profits
    • In order to accomplish this, you must be a Herbalife distributor to start (You have to order the product from somewhere, right?)
    • Two levels of profit % here

    1. Entry level Distributor- You get to purchase product at 25% off wholesale
    2. Supervisor level distributor- You get to purchase Product at 50% off wholesale (This is where I am at)

    • What would happen (and is what I do) I list a product at 35% off on Ebay. Sell it and pocket 15% profit on every listing
    • There's over 120 unique products in the catalog, All in high demand
    • Based on my volume over 6 months, a store listing all the products, set up right and my support with my marketing strategy, the math comes out to about 600 sales per month in a Store
    Support/marketing strategy
    I run 47 Twitter accounts and leverage these accounts to drive traffic to Ebay Stores and Listings. Apples to apples, if I look at a Herbalife listing of someone, they may have 200 visitors in a 10 day period. My auctions leveging Twitter averages 10K visitors in a 10 day period.
    This is one of my auctions:
    Listed 9.22.13. three items already sold at $129.99
    Listing info
    Page views: 2665
    Duration: 30 days
    Start time: Sep 22, 2013 19:07:51 PDT
    That traffic is all from marketing on Twitter
    I would support you by:

    • Helping with designing the listings for max visibility and content
    • Wording so the auction is attractive
    • Custom graphics
    • 100% marketing push with 20 million Twitter followers to provide targeted traffic to ebay (OMG is eBay/amazon unber clickable on Twitter!!!!)
    Cost and what's in it for you/me
    What YOU get out of this is the opportunity to provide a product in VERY high demand with unique insight/support for traffic and targeted leads. You also get to pocket ALL the profit from the sales.
    What I get out of it is a royalty check from Herbalife based off YOUR sales.

    • $80.00 to become a Herbalife distributor at 25% off. We help our Team get all set up, provide detailed instruction on set up and mentor you on the Herbalife portal. I run a tight Team. You'd be part of our core Team (we have 6 under us now).
    • Now, IF you move enough products at 25% in a month, you CAN become a Supervisor (and get the 50% price break).
    • This method sucks because if you list at 17% discount, you are not competitive on Ebay/amazon
    • Quick way to get to the 50% price break requires an investment
    To get to supervisor, I have a strategy:
    Once you become a distributor, you can purchase $4,000 worth of product. Yes, this is A LOT. To get a ROI on this investment in two weeks, you would flip that product on your store. This would be the most effective strategy:

    • I have a list of product that are in the top 70% of "Hot"sellers items to move fast
    • You'd have product to take pictures of, (ebay is a stickler of you have to use a REAL photo and not a hot linked photo of the product)
    • You'd get a 50% price break on this order. This means you could list your interment at 47% off retail on your investment product to get your ROI ASAP
    • This would sell like hotcakes- you'd lowball 98% of ALL listings
    • The sales you make, you now have an instant customer base right out of the gate (marketing strategy- pull the emails from paypal on customer orders to email a newsletter on deals and new listing AND gives you the opportunity to sell direct with no Ebay money hungry fees)
    • 2-3 weeks you'd flip this and be able to list products at a competitive rate that nets profit
    How is the product moved?
    Once a sale on Ebay /amazon is made, they pay though Paypal. All you do is log into your Herbalife account and place the order using your PP CC. POOF! You enter the customer shipping address (always provided when you get a sale via PP) and the product is shipped FED Ex from the factory direct to your customer.
    So PM me now. I have room for ONLY ONE. I'm the only one that can set this up. Its working, eBay sales tested over the last few months along with two years' worth of research show this is a HUGE opportunity. The demand is there. People just want to buy the product without jumping through all these damn hoops.
    Again, I have room for ONE person to be on my Team. Supply and demand- more than one doing this will drive the supply up and demand down. I don't want competition. I want to work with a Rock Star in taking over this market.

    Yes, I've put much thought into this, tested this, used test data to make decisions and baseline my marketing strategy.
    There's room for one person to make some money with me.