the most successful low-budget retail site - what's your analysis?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by txholdem, Oct 17, 2010.

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    ecrater is, as far as i can see, one of the most successful low-budget retail site. it is made for adsense, but its setting is completely a retail site.

    why do i say its the most successful? in terms of PR = 6, age - 7 years old, alexa ranking 3000. the site is 5 years younger than They do not run CPC campaigns!

    What is your analysis as for why they are successful? I know they use Google base, but that alone cannot get them to the 3000 alexa ranking.

    What do you think they have done that make them so successful?

    My site is also of the same age. No matter how many directories i submitted, how many forum profiles i have created, link:mysite shows NOTHING! PR is stuck at 2 after coming out of the sand box 2-3 years ago. I had a pretty good google base ranking until G announced that they dont like me! I am tired of begging so i wanted to tell them to go screw themselves. I am almost a google base expert and i know how to rank high on google base but it's totally useless now. So i am looking into the organic traffic.

    So how can I imitate ecrater? whats your analysis? are they completely white hat? How much time do you think it takes to imitate their SEO work that they have done?