The Most Lucrative JV Opportunity ever, make $2000+ a week - All I need is traffic!

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    I'm here to find somebody to drive traffic to my Powerful and Proven sales system.

    It's a system that sells financial education and a business opportunity. It's ingenious because the opportunity sells the product and the product sells the opportunity, so conversions are AMAZING!

    Let me explain the system and the money to be made...

    I have an opt-in page with a 20%+ conversion rate.
    (And of course it depends on the quality of traffic coming in)

    Then there's an application page with a 4.8% conversion rate.
    The application costs $49.95 and pays $30 commission.

    Now this is where it gets interesting... all the real money comes from the proven backend sales.

    Then the applicant goes to a sales page for a "business in a box"
    This page has a conversion rate of 38%!!! (enter [email protected] to view the amazing sales page)
    The "business in a box" costs $395, and we have a call center who calls the applicants and CLOSES OUR SALES FOR US. We make $200 for every sale, and pay the professional business coaches $50 for each sale they close on our behalf. So we make $150 on this page.

    THEN the member gets access to the backoffice and all the training and resources to build their online business. What they're selling is financial education. And at this time of economic hardship, this business is breaking records on a monthly basis!! Right now, people are ALWAYS looking to make and save money.

    41% (FORTY ONE PERCENT!) of people who purchase the Business in a Box (BiB) purchase the m1 wealth education for $1995.
    This pays us $1000 in commission!

    Here's a summary of the system:
    20% opt-in page
    4.8% sales page (pays $30)
    38% sales page (pays $150)
    41% m1 purchase (pays $1000)

    SO according to our proven sales system, for every 1000 people you get to our opt-in page, you'd get about...

    9 applicants (9*30 = 270)
    3 BiB sales (3*150 = 450)
    1 m1 sale (1*1000 = 1000)

    $1720 for about 1000 visitors to our opt-in page

    I'm looking for somebody to drive traffic for me. I need opportunity seekers to my opt-in page.

    You get to use my proven system, use my call center, my business coaches, and never have to sell to anybody. My system and I will do ALL of that for you. All you need to do is drive traffic.

    If you're interested in making ridiculous money, please PM me with an offer. Tell me what percentage you would be interested in, and what method you will use to drive traffic. Again, all I need is Opportunity Seekers to my opt-in page. My system will take care of everything else.

    I look forward to hearing from you! Take care!
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    So the each click should make you $1.72. I'll sell you clicks for half that.
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    You say "Proven" 4 times so could you prove it's proven?
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    I'm finding out for you. Those conversion rates are the system index average from the thousands of people that go through the sites.

    By the way, how do I edit my post?

    I want to clarify something: $1720 is how much commission I would get for about 1000 visitors to the opt-in page. I am offering to split these commissions. The percentage of the split will be determined in our private messages.

    For those interested, please PM me with what percentage split you would be interested in, and your traffic source. Thank you!
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    Carbon Copy Pro, look it up on ripoff report. As far as I know you are an MLM for ridiculously overpriced "educational" materials. Don't take my word for it though, look into it. Definitely not worth buying in to get involved.