The Mechanics of Money Getting - New Video By Kim Roach & Travis Sago

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    Hey B-Hatters:

    I got an email from Kim Roach in which she points to a free Video featuring her and Travis Sago.

    It touches on the hypothetical topic of "What Would You Do If Someone
    Held A Gun To Your Head And Said That You MUST Put Up A Blog That Made
    At Least $1000 A Month or Else BANG!!"

    This Is A Replay of a Webinar that Kim and Travis Held Recently. And as it goes
    with most webinars, of course there is a sales pitch. But nevertheless, there
    is some useful, actionable content within.

    Below Is The Link To The Video (Length: 175 Minutes):

    NOTE: If you are new to affiliate marketing, or if you are having trouble
    making money with affiliate marketing, I urge you to check this video out.

    Enjoy, Take Action, And Profit! :)

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