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    What's up my fellow black haters just want to make it crystal clear and let the lion out the bag before it gets out of hand.

    I am MazeMiami aka ShadySEO AKA Maze AKA Jason

    So most of you know me form my part in the Shit Banger wars which was an Epic failure. I got involved with a partner that had good intentions that end up turning into a bail out and a lot of people losing money. I my self lost plenty of it as well. I stuck by Jadens side because I had faith at the time that he was going to the right thing, unfortunately I was wrong and things all went to hell and he never came clean and disappear.

    I would like to start to build trust again with each and everyone of you as this is what forums is all about and I don't want my name tainted any longer.

    I understand a lot of you are pissed off still, and you have all rights to be, I am also still disappointed at the whole situation. I hope each person that was involved can understand were I'm coming from unfortunately I can not pay back any of the members that are at lost I would like to offer new software solutions to the forum in the near future all member that were involved I would automatically credit them towards any software they want.

    My promise to you is that if my name is on a product from here on out I will 110% take full responsibility. I promise that a issue like the last one will never occur. Unfortunately I got involved with shit banger with my eyes closed taking the word of others instead of verifying information myself. This Will Never Be The Case Again!

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    you need only one.....big ban!