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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by karukera, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Hello guys.....

    karukera here again...I've been reading A LOT of stuff about the importance of building links properly to give your website more power,etc; Each link is like a vote for your website and more you have them, the better. However recent posts on this forum and other reading materials drew my attention on the necessity to create a "proper" link building funnel.

    The SECRET is creating a funnel which builds link power to your site iN a smart way. Having links passed through other links multiplies the authority of the links to your web Site. However, apparently, getting all your links pointing to your site directly puts up red flags and decreases your effectiveness of those links.

    Here is my "small" link building funnel and I want you guys to share what's yours as well and what has been working for you. I've been trying to order links and websites from most important to least important but well this can vary....

    Firstly I don't have any website. I just use my squidoo lenses. So I will have FOR INSTANCE

    Squidoo getting backlinks from...

    Hubpages and Wordpress, getting backlinks from

    Propeller and Zimbio, getting backlinks

    digg, stumbleupon, flickr, reddit, delicious, shoutwire

    and then I would create a funnel like that for every keyword/phrase I want to target...

    Please share your thoughts:rolleyes:

    What is YOUR linking building strategy?
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    Nice request, im also courious about that.
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    I wrote about a link funnel of sorts in this thread earlier today.