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The like race in the music industry.

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by eltaxsex, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. eltaxsex

    eltaxsex Newbie

    Mar 23, 2013
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    Hello all,

    I'm Joel - I make a living by managing a select few bands and artists within a specific genre of dance music. Like our few competitors (no, please don't), we're internationally recognised and host parties around the Europe/US/Russia/Aus/NZ.

    Looking at our competitors - we have a similar fan base, and a similar quota of followers, listens on soundcloud, post likes and comments. Yet, they are managing to somewhat "steal" the performance bookings that we'd be offered simply by having 100k fake likes, as apposed to our 20-30k genuine, real fans. And it doesn't just fool the promoters; the biggest booking agents sign them, and the most prestigious press agencies want to get them on board. They fool their fans as well as the industry, that they are more popular than most.

    They have even got the cheek to post an image on their timeline stating "Thanks for the 100k fans, we love you guys". Realistically, they would have 10-15k fans. Yet, they've been propelled into stardom, simply by kidding everyone using facebook.

    Now, I obviously don't like this, as it's completely against the grain of creativity, but in order to keep up, I have no choice, or other option, but to embrace it. We're a little late to clock onto it, but I'm hoping to fix our problem, with your very much apprecaited help and advice.

    By researching our competitors, we've noticed that some have been gaining a random 5-10-20k spike of fans over a few days or a week, with some artists most popular cities being Mexico City or Istanbul which is an obvious sign it's fake, as the music is definitely not so popular in this cities.

    Some are a little more clever about it, and gaining 250 fans a day, so it's gradual and not as noticeable, but still, the most popular city is normally a random city that no one plays in, nor has the economical infrastructure that plays host to such a variety of music genres.

    Now, I imagine at some point, if facebook doesn't stop it (if they do or don't want to), then at least the industry and promoters will be a little more aware of it. So although I wish to join these cheats, I would also like to execute it so our most popular city stays as London, and the fans are fed in at a gradual slow "un-obvious" pace.

    One of our pages has 21k genuine fans, and I'd like to add 10k over 3 months (rate of 110 per day), then 20k over the following 3 months (220 fans per day).

    The other has 15k genuine fans, of which I'd like to add 20k fans over 6 months at the rate of 110 fans a day.

    It's very important that these fans are from specific regions, and not all from the same city. (Europe, Russia, US, Aus/NZ)

    Now, I've looking into the companies that offer bulk likes / region specific likes (UK/US/EURO), but they all delivery too fast - I can only find one company (FBvirodotcom) that offers "slow" likes. I am also not interested in using either my artists page or my personal page, to do a "like" exchange program.

    I feel I know enough about how to do it already, but I'd like to get on top of the competitors and deliver these likes without making it obvious, and in order to somewhat keep our dignity. :p

    Any professional advise, best companies, most popular companies, how much it will cost, tips and tricks etc - would be very, very much appreciated.

    And thanks for your time.