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The life of an Internet Marketer - lets share

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by pennyclaire, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. pennyclaire

    pennyclaire Newbie

    May 19, 2009
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    I've found that the working hours for an IM'r are generally spent alone, (without coworkers) and I thought it might be fun to use this opportunity to learn about the day to day activities of other IM'rs.

    I'll go first:
    I am 27 years old and my internet marketing efforts are currently my sole source of income. This is mainly possible because my expenses are low... I used to work from my laptop in my house, but found that it was hard to concentrate when I'm sitting there by myself. I'm the kind of person who is always wondering what other people are doing (and what i'm missing) and sitting alone in my house left me with no clue of what was happening in the 'outside world'.

    So recently I've been working at the public library and the Starbucks inside Barnes and Nobles. At least these places offer other people coming and going, quite background conversation so I'm not working in silence, and the chance to see other people working.

    I generally wake around 11:00AM, shower and get breakfast on my way to the library or Starbucks. I get there around 12:30PM and work till 5:30. Then I stop at the supermarket and pick up dinner to make at my parent's house. Get there at 7:00, cook, eat and leave around 10:30. Back at my house by 11:00 I spend the evening fooling around with hobbies, TV, and 420. I'm back in bed between 3:00AM and 5:00.

    So I'd love to hear what the days are like for you guys!
    Happy marketing.
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  2. deadster

    deadster Regular Member

    Feb 12, 2009
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    my business is none of your job
    i sleep late and wake up late

    at oftentimes my newborn baby is carried at my left arm

    my life generally is spent infront of the pc but sometimes i play with my daughter or take a long walk to the mall
  3. squelsh

    squelsh Regular Member

    Mar 19, 2009
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    I still work full time so have to try and cram time in during the evening. Getting difficult to do that and maintain friendships and a relatioship but trying to balance it all out
  4. seikooc

    seikooc Regular Member

    Aug 11, 2008
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    BH Implementation
    Blackhat World
    Wake up around 9am work for a few hours and then hit the gym and run errands. Come home eat and start work again with a full cup of coffee.. Talk to my friends when I am not fully in the IM zone and either plan on going out or meeting up. Sometimes come back and work more.

    Gotta love it!
  5. Nathan B

    Nathan B Regular Member

    Nov 22, 2008
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    Student/Internet Marketer
    Wake up on weekdays at 6:30AM, take a shower, eat, go to school. Get home at 4:00PM, work for a few hours, do homework. Go to sleep at 12:00AM, rinse, repeat.

    Then the weekends come, I'll switch it up. One weekend I'll go and socialize to keep up on that, then the next weekend I'll stay at home and work. :)

    Then when Summer comes in a few weeks... I'll have A LOT of free time. ;)
  6. kineticgirl

    kineticgirl Newbie

    Jun 5, 2009
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    near the beach
    penny thats a great idea, i work from home and feel like a total hermit crab. I usually wake up around 6:30am, feed the pets, get the computer online, work out home gym, work, eat lunch and usually dinner in front of laptop, watch recorded shows on tv then sleep, repeat... :( yup hermit
  7. cooolr

    cooolr Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2009
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    gosh people, get a life.
    I'm currently making mone with craigslist and such but then once I have much more money I'll go straight to paid advertising where I don't have to do shit.

    I have my paid advertising plan all up and I'll promise you once I've "installed it" I can do other things and spend much less time at the computer.

    Simply buy advertising and make it more money than you paid for.
    Simple and you can do other things.
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  8. FreeTheTV


    Mar 1, 2009
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    You guys...

    This summer I've been waking up at 6, working out for a bit, shower, get ready, work til 4, go home, do some marketing, enjoy being with the fiancee, more marketing/forum scanning, sleep. Food fits in there somewhere. Sleep usually starts at 1am.
  9. MuShu


    Nov 26, 2008
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    Wake up about 8:00am (my son wakes me up :p) then I take care of him until 11:00am then I work until 3 maybe 4pm. People that are saying that IM is a "work less, be with your family" job are very wrong I think.

    If you have your own business and are serious you usually work much more then if you would have a normal job.
    Or I'm I wrong? I think that people working 2 or 3 hours a day with IM full time are players or very luck :p.

    I would sure love to do that but wouldn't life be kind of boring without work?

    take care
  10. narutorocker

    narutorocker Junior Member

    Jul 10, 2008
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    I am a full time internet marketer as well.I just turned 21 years old and I now live in Texas in a luxury apartment with myself. I used to live in California all my life but since my internet marketing funds have increased my pockets I was able to finally move out of california.

    My Usually day :
    I wake up around 2pm
    I take a shower ( I usually smoke a blunt before and after I take a shower)
    Afterwards Ill eat something
    I will then roll another blunt and begin my internet marketing work
    after about an actual hour into work I will need to take 2 hits from the bong and then continue my course of work (all this is occurring in my room in my apartment on my super Dell Quad Core pc of course)

    After working I usually party with my neighbors and friends and spend on average a 100 a night on some more green.....

    This has been my life style everyday for the past 8 months

    oh how internet marketing has changed my life....

    At this very moment I am rolling a blunt about to begin working on a project of mine. And 30% of my day i am on blackhatworld :)
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    Last edited: Jun 6, 2009
  11. Mp3Mage


    Sep 15, 2008
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    Are you serious.... lol that pretty much sums up my life haha like effin seriously.

    I'm always at the starbucks at the barnes and noble. They know me as the "usual" because when I order I get the "usual" which is a large hot chocolate with whip cream (apparently its called a venti hot chocolate with whip cream) lol.

    But yeah, everything including the times are correct ... I thought I was a loner till now =]

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  12. steelballs

    steelballs BANNED BANNED

    Dec 5, 2008
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    You are sure entitled to your opinions

    But business does not work like that you have to work hard at whatever you do even things that are automatic

    Don't drop your guard at any time, there is never and there will never be substitutes for hard work and close monitoring of methods and systems

    Being on top of all aspects of your business brings home the BANK:cool:
  13. dragon77

    dragon77 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 18, 2009
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    Increasing my scores from 6 Figures to 7 Figures $
    BHW-Gold Dragon Cave
    I am 23 work 5 days in a week , just started im from 6 months ago. Just lucky found this forum after 2 week without aim making blog to make money(it's cool, i earn 23 cents from adsense that time). Sleep at 3 AM wake Up at 11PM.
    11 am -12pm bathroom, cooking, cleaning
    12 pm- 1 pm analysis traffic, sales, keyword
    1 pm - 2 pm keyword research , item research
    2 - 3 pm exercising
    3 - 6 pm building steady traffic
    6 - 7 pm rest, etc
    7 - 10 pm building steady traffic
    10 - 11 pm rest, etc
    11 - 2 am building steady traffic
    2 - 3 am rest, etc, go to sleep

    My steady increased daily traffic is my assets. I make money too during sleeping and vacation :) That's the reason i am start my career in IM. Start working, make schedule, analyse , set up a reasonable goal and we'll be success in IM.
  14. UndeniableSpirit

    UndeniableSpirit Regular Member

    May 10, 2009
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    The Courts
    Wake up 10 and begin working around 11AM. I work until about 5 then work out. Go out at night, or play some ball (or watch NBA playoffs)

    Bed time around 1-2AM and then do it again tomorroe :)
  15. gun-shy315

    gun-shy315 Regular Member Premium Member

    Jan 28, 2008
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    Internet Marketer. Part Time-Lion tamer and pole d
    Syracuse NY
    You can only get so high man...LOL
  16. selection

    selection Junior Member

    Jan 14, 2009
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    Home Page:
    Well where to start where to start....
    Let's begin with this summer, life kind of took a turn as I graduated from college and landed an okay 9-5 job. I usualy wake up around 730-8 Brush teeth make my self a protein shake eat a gronola bar and of to work I go. At work where my mind thinks of one thing and that is what I am going to do when I get home (Internet Marketing wise). I usualy stay after work at the gym (yes we have a gym at work) and follow the following schedule Monday- Chest and Triceps, Tuesday - Back and Biceps, Wednsday - Sholders and Deadlifts, Thursday - Legs and abs and weeks are usualy of time. I also play full time tennis and am damn pretty good at it.
    Now back to the internet marketing life... I usualy get home to my sweet 22" dual monitor quad core computer set up and start out by reading the forums here, then I update my blog (white hat) I update my twitter (white hat), and then you guessed it I get to my Blackhat money making techinques. Not to mention I have to see the GF and spend sometime with her :).
    Sometimes I wish I had more time to do it all but I simlpy don't so I try to plan anything and everything before I actualy get down to doing something.
    Well thats about it :).
  17. jakeumms

    jakeumms Regular Member

    Dec 1, 2008
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    Student, Scholar, Money Machine...
    Inside of your mom's TomTom.
    7:00 - Running
    8:00 - Breakfast
    8:40 - Sneak into bed and fuck my GF for a bit.
    10:00 - Go down to starbucks, check stats, email, etc.
    11:00 - Drive around, play some hoops with the boys.
    12:00 - Go to the office, get some shit done.
    2:00 PM - Go out for lunch with the GF.
    3:30 PM - Back to work.
    8:00 PM - Done working, chill a bit.
    9:00 PM - Fuck the GF again.
    10:00 PM - Crank in another hour of work.
    11:30 PM - Sleep.
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  18. H2oBoy

    H2oBoy Regular Member

    Mar 26, 2009
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    Internet Marketer
    Pacific Northwest
    wake up around 10:30am (average), shower and then hit my computer by 10:45am
    Seeing as I can't afford to eat but once a day ATM, I stave off eating till sometime between 7 or 8pm.

    I usually hit up BHW for about :30 minutes or so until I'm actually 'awake'...as I'm still usually still 1/2 asleep even after showering.

    Once I'm done cruising BHW, I get to trying to write a few articles. Most of the time I can knock 1 or 2 out in about 45 minutes or so. By 11:30(ish), I'll take those written articles and get them uploaded to EzineArticles.

    Once that's done, I'll then re-write the articles the best I can so once the originals are approved at EZA, I can then upload them to sites like ArticleDashboard and/or GoArticles.

    By 12:30pm(ish), I'll then make one or two posts to my blog concerning the subject matter I've written those two EZA articles around, just so that my blog's content is fresh.

    I'll then take a quick break for a smoke or something, such as going for a walk or what not.

    Then around 1:30pm(ish), I'll head over to Yahoo Answers and answer those questions where I can refer the person to my blog for some additional back-links. This doesnt' always work, as other IM'ers (IMHO) flag my posts...but I do the best I can.

    NOTE: I've just recently gotten my hands on a blog commenting tool, so I'm going to start spending about :30 or :45 minutes each day doing some blog commenting in order to help my back-linking.

    When 3pm rolls around, I'll usually take another break and go surf YT for a bit, viewing some aff. marketing/IM related videos, or just browse for shits & giggles.

    I'll usually stay on YT for about :30 minutes but sometimes I can waste an hour or so, so I really need to keep track of my schedule.

    After getting off of YT, I'm back at BHW just to see if I can find any new product release in the D/L section that I think is worth getting and if it's something 'new and recent', then I'll get my hands on, go over it and then write a review of it and get that up on my blog as well.

    I then break for dinner and once I reach this point, by the time I'm done eating, I'll come back and start working on the e-book I'm working on that I hope to release sometime here soon.

    I fight with A.D.D. every day, so I always feel that I'm working against myself and I can't always get what I want to accomplish in one day completed. However, as long as I get 'something' accomplished before calling it a day, I'm happy with myself.

    That's pretty much my life in a nut-shell for the time being..but once the money starts coming in (hopefully soon cuz I hate eating govt. cheese), I'm sure this schedule is going to change drastically! ;-)

  19. davioli

    davioli Regular Member

    Oct 10, 2008
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    @H2oboy...A word of advice.
    Do EXACTLY what you are currently doing(your marketing and backlinking technique) and apply it to some other niches besides IM. Try and find a few good obscure niches and do it. You will thank me later.
  20. secretboy08

    secretboy08 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Apr 2, 2008
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    Internet marketer
    Global Citizen
    my day:
    9 am:wakeup
    9:00 to 12:00: just get fresh and have some breakfast.
    12:00 to 3:00 pm: outsource.
    3:00: go back to sleep till 6.lol
    6:00: get my car out and just roam.
    [email protected]:check my earnings.watch some movie and dinner.
    [email protected]

    i got to college only 2 days a week.so on that day schedule is changed.
    and exams they are like hell.i study right from 8am to 12pm with a 2 hour break in between.