The legality of Adult Video Redistribution


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Nov 17, 2009
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Okay so I've put together a lot of strategys I've found here. Started w/pen & paper & created a map of monetizing, SEO, and spamming strategys. Did a little bit of math, and got a little freaked out when my theoretical revenue came out to $1030 a day, from 1010 unique visitors. On top of that, none of them have to pay me anything. Thats a little scary to me.

The whole system is based around adult videos. The problem I have is that I don't own the rights to any adult videos. I mean, making $30 a day or so can probably slide under the books re-producing them from various sites, but $1000? I think they'd notice this due to the incredible amount of advertising it involves.

I know this is Black Hat World, but I don't want to be sued. My solution would be to use the teaser videos from adult sites. I have to litteraly copy them somewhere online, but I will not be selling them directly, using them more for incentives to get people to do certain things.

Bottom line question is: Is there a place of teaser or full videos for free reproduction? I do not mind giving the original sites credit, just need the videos on my own server. Thank You.
Why do you need the videos on your own server? That's a LOT of bandwidth you're going to use up.

And how are you monetizing to get around $1 per visitor?

If you really could make that much, then the easiest way video wise is to embed from a site such as youporn/redtube/whatever. Or alternatively, download the videos you want to use and reupload them to an obscure (hopefully new) adult video sharing site and use URLs no-one will find ie - then you have your own videos you can embed on your site for free :)

Legal wise, if you're third party linking you can probably avoid anything with a DMCA note in the footer and noting you don't HOST the content yourself. Worst case, you'd get a warning to take down a link with a 0.0000000001% chance they'll sue.
Upload them to Xvideos, i do some advertising for selling ebooks on sex/penis enlargement via the videos i upload.
thanks for the info, but the problem is that I do need to actually host them on a server like or something else that pays 1 cent per download to make any money whatsoever.

No, they aren't automatically downloading 100 videos, only like 2 or 3. I wish I could share further info on how it works, but I like the fact that I have incredibly low competition in the adult market using my little twist that I haven't mentioned, and for now I'd like it to stay that way until its established. Then it'l definately be on here.

They don't have to be long videos, just enough to fill the 10MB minimum upload even if I have to tweak the quality a bit to get them there. Most viewers have high-speed internet now adays so I doubt I'll have trouble keeping their attention.
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Just saw the E-Whore section, sorry to post in the wrong place.
Oh sorry - I thought you wanted to do streaming, in which case I can help :)

Sounds like you're looking for download/torrent stuff so I'm afraid I can't be much use. If you ever decide to do streaming let me know and I'll give you a hand!
I guess I could work with streaming, if somehow it paid 1 cent per stream & the content was already uploaded (like an Adult MetaCafe that I can punch my own referral number into the links). Actually it would be easier come to think of it. Never heard of paid-to-stream. Odviously adult video would violate MetaCafe's T.O.S., but where would you find it?

Remember the key to the whole thing is to be free to the consumer. If one hand is on his mouse and the other... well you know where then he can't very well use the keyboard to type in a paypal or credit card account now can he? It would be easier to hit the Back button.
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Well it depends on exactly how your using these adult videos and if you dont upload them on your server you should be fine they arent gonna do shit
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