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    When I first started using forums to make money (there are a few ways I do), I was having trouble finding the biggest forums on the net that were in my niche or area of interest. Then I found:


    (Sorry that whole first part sound like the beginnings of an infomercial?:rolleyes:)

    Anyway, If you are a promoter, stuffer or whatever I would check this out. You can search for forums on just about any subject and pick the largest one to join.
    A simple way of determining whether HTML and BB code is on or not for any given forum would be to copy the link to the forums home page, paste it into google along with "HTML code is ON" or "BB code is ON". The results will let you know what type of code is allowed. Should help over the niche - "code" searching method of finding forums.

    Some more BIG things Big-Boards will do is tell you what software the forum is running on, how many members the forum has and how many total posts the forums contain. It will also give you detailed stats on the boards such as discriptions, traffic stats, keywords and the like.
    Use the search function. It's a money maker...

    I hope you all get some use out of it.
    If you found this helpful, please thanks , comment or whatever so that others will be able to find it on BHW.
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