The Journey to $10,000 with SEO + Affiliates


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Jun 14, 2013

Hello guys :)

My nick is Mauro and this is my journey to $10,000/month with SEO + Affiliates. I am 17 and I started IM at 14, from that I have made more than $30,000 from Adsense, Facebook and more. Actually I want to make a passive income of $10,000 per month with SEO + Affiliates. Also, sorry for my bad English, Its not my main language.

In this journey I am going to work with websites + Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank and maybe another Affiliate system. I will be using some tools like:

Web Hosting
Private Proxies

At first, I have done 2 websites and will start to make backlinks and rank them. In one week I am going to buy 10 domains and set up 10 new websites, adding 5-10 articles for everyone and start making backlinks.

Why I am doing this Journey?

I want to motivate you to make your own business and believe it can actually work. Also I think doing a journey will help me to work harder to make it work faster.

I hope both you and me can learn together, I will try to answer some questions and hope some of you can give me some tips, it will be great.

I will update the journey everyday and hope it start working fast, Thanks for reading :p

Lets do it!
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That's damn impressive for 17. I've just began my journey into IM, hopefully I can learn from you. Best of luck to you brother.
Finished the 2 websites I already had, In one week I will create 10 new ones.

I will start blasting links today, and just added them to a SERP Tracker :)
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