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THE ITALIAN JOB - My journey to 30k with betting affiliation!

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Prototype40, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Prototype40

    Prototype40 Junior Member

    May 30, 2016
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    So guys here we go, this is my first real journey after a lot of failed attempts in the IM world.
    I tried instagram and amazon but I failed because I didn't like that world. I couldn't relate to the niches I chose, and so I lost interest (and bit of money) doing that.

    But now I've learned from my mistakes and I'll start a journey here to stay motivated, even though it's not necessary since I've already earned 2.000€ this month in CPA!

    The niche: As I stated in the thread title, I'm focusing on the Betting niche in Italy. I joined one of the best (imo) network in the internet regarding this niche as they pay around 45€ for each CPA (reg + deposit) and they always pay on time, usually 30-35 days after I get my CPA "on pending" in the Dashboard.

    The method: The interesting (I hope :D) thing about this thread is the way I try to achieve these CPA. I'm not running a site based on Gambling or Sports. I'm not even running fb groups or something like that.
    I'm actually just telling the entire world how to get the bonus each site gives you if you deposit a certain amount of money.

    For example there are sites that gives you 50 bucks if you deposit 50. Then you can just go to the roulette and bet 50 on the red and 50 on the black, so you can withdraw 100 bucks without effort.

    I just help people to get these free bonus, making them earning (or earn? someone teach me english) around 150€ RISK-FREE.
    They just need to subscribe and deposit through my affiliate-links.

    You see the method? It's a WIN-WIN situation, a common success-factor in the IM world.
    They earn money, you earn money. We are all happy.

    This way I help people in need (like my friends that study and can't work), and they'll help me bringing more people to me.
    Satisfied people = More People = MORE CASH!

    Actually everything is running smooth as I earned over 2000€ during this month. There are some problems though with this metod.

    First problem: A lot of people (we are talking about students) can't afford to deposit on these sites, so I usually borrow them my money to make it possible (they are my friends, they won't run away with my money ahah). I can't borrow my money to everyone, so I'll have to FIND ANOTHER SOURCE OF CLIENTS!

    Second problem: I don't want this to become too stressful, having to chat everyday with a lot of people to teach them the method Step-by-step and so on. So I'm actually trying to find a way to AUTOMATE ALL OF THIS.

    To do so, I recently bought domain+hosting to make a site which talks about this method.
    I will put an explanatory video there (5$ on Fiverr, a really good one!), which introduces my method just a bit (create interest), but here I have two options:
    1st: I'll write the entire method on the page itself, so it's fast and direct.
    2nd: I'll make an email form you have to fill in order to get the guide through email-autoresponder.

    I'm not really sure about which option should I go for, I think the 2nd one is good for future spam and creating an email list is always a good idea, but I also think that it could discourage a bit the visitors on my site. Do you guys have any suggestions?

    Sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker.
    I'll update this thread 1/2 times a week with my ideas or twists.
  2. bianconeri10

    bianconeri10 Registered Member

    Jan 19, 2012
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    Good luck for your journey