The Internet Blacklist (and mini rant :D)

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Rukiara, Nov 12, 2010.

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    So have you guys been keeping up on the internet blacklist stuff? It's suppose to be a bill passed to pretty much censor the internet by getting rid of websites like youtube and stuff like that. When I was on demonoid awhile ago they were advertising a petition against it, which I whole heartedly supported ASAP. This is probably the best petition I've ever signed, they keep sending me emails telling me "Here's the number to your senate, call them and tell them to vote no." they're actually SENDING people out to represent them, online online petitions that just sit there...

    That's the problem, I have a friend and she saw I signed and donated a few good dollars (I mean come on, some of us make MONEY off of streaming episodes or movies, so why not?) and she starts bitching to me about how internet petitions don't work and "aren't counted" and all this bullcrap.

    I could see where she's coming from, her and her femenistic know-it-all ways which bother me, but internet petitions only "do nothing" if its started by people who honestly don't care and our just started stupid petitions to complain, but these guys are campaigning and working towards a common goal and I applaud it.

    I'm just sick of people sticking their nose in when I support something to TEAR IT DOWN, like me reading up on this site and learning and trying to create my own mini empire on the internet. No one supported me but the MINUTE I started making money everyone wanted to be like "Omg can I help you earn money will you give me some make me part of it!!!!"

    NO. You can SHOVE OFF for all I care, eh?! I have a good right to make money and I work my butt, not this sitting around whining and sniveling about not having something. GRRR.

    Okay, sorry. Anyways blacklist, it seems too bad to be true, eh?

    If you wish to see/support the petition its at demandprogress org.