The Insiders Guide To CPA Marketing Profits - A Must Read

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    Hello all.

    This may have been posted before but i have not found it.

    I have been looking into CPA marketing for a while now and today i came across Gauher Chaudhry's - "The Insiders Guide To CPA Marketing Profits".
    I have read the whole book and have decided that it could help noobs and advance marketers quite a bit. I think the book is more aimed at noobs but covers things that the advance marketer might have overlooked. It is a Free ebook and there are a few more you can get once you have downloaded this one.

    The other free ebooks are:
    1.The Insiders Guide To CPA Marketing Profits
    2.Earn Crazy CPA Commissions Building An Email List
    3.Advanced PPC Tactics For Insane CPA Commissions
    4.Generate A Windfall Of Free Traffic To CPA Offers
    5.Pay Per Click Formula 2.0

    "The Insiders Guide To CPA Marketing Profits" PDF book covers over 80 topics in great detail as listed below.

    1. Introduction to CPA Marketing
    2. What Are CPA Offers?
    3. What Are CPA Networks?
    4. Applying To A CPA Network
    5. What Is A CPA Affiliate Manager?
    6. Selecting A CPA Offer
    7. Gauge The Demand
    8. Gauge The Competition
    9. Comparing CPA Offers
    10. Getting Your Affiliate URLs
    11. Keyword Research Tools
    12. Keyword Tools
    13. Landing Pages
    14. Landing Page 101
    15. Google Website Optimizer
    16. Tracking 101
    17. Dark Side of CPA Marketing
    18. The Traffic Tactics
    19. Free Traffic
    20. Natural Search Traffic
    21. Social Media Traffic
    22. Forum Traffic
    23. Article Writing Traffic
    24. Domain Name Traffic
    25. Reciprocal Linking Traffic
    26. Blogging Traffic
    27. Joint Venture Traffic
    28. Pop Up Traffic
    29. Video Traffic
    30. Podcast Traffic
    31. Software Traffic
    32. Facebook Applications Traffic
    33. Paid Traffic
    34. Pay Per Click Search Engine
    35. Pay Per View Traffic
    36. Publisher Network Traffic
    37. Text Link Traffic
    38. Co-Registration Traffic
    39. Banner Traffic
    40. Media Buys Traffic
    41. Recycled Traffic
    42. Email Traffic
    43. Internal Banner Traffic
    44. Forum Recycled Traffic
    45. Surveys and Poll Traffic
    46. Viral Traffic
    47. Social Networking Traffic
    48. Tell A Friend Script Traffic
    49. Viral Report Traffic
    50. The PPC to CPA Game
    51. Keyword Strategies
    52. The Alexa Technique
    53. Misspelled Keywords Technique
    54. Geo Bidding Technique
    55. Related Search Technique
    56. Same Terminology Technique
    57. PPC Keyword Tools
    58. Speed PPC ($497)
    59. Flash PPC ($67)
    60. Ad Text Generator ($197)
    61. Xtreme Conversions ($97)
    62. Site Sniper Pro (Free Trial)
    63. Adwords Digger (Free)
    64. LP Gen ($597)
    65. PPC Web Spy (Free)
    66. Ad Copy Strategies
    67. Hanging Ad Technique
    68. Specific Number Technique
    69. Authority Site Technique
    70. Capitalization Technique
    71. Creating iFrames
    72. Testing And Tracking PPC Campaigns
    73. Scaling Up Strategies
    74. Google Adwords Editor
    75. MSN Desktop Editor
    76. Yahoo Bulk Upload
    77. Outsourcing
    78. Conclusion
    79. CPA Terminology
    80. List of CPA Networks

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    BHW Admin: If i am not allowed my referral code please remove it. Thanks
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