The important of building links to the homepage?!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MoneyValue, Mar 22, 2017.

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    So earlier today, I was looking at a few competitors that one of my clients has difficulty outranking for a specific search term. It caught be by surprise when I noticed that they were ranking above his site even though they only 5-10 backlinks to that page, and all of those backlinks were keyword rich. Keep in mind that nearly all those backlinks were via outreach posts on O.K sized sites.

    From there, I decided to look at the actual homepage of those competitors and I noticed that one competitor in particular has built 100+ outreach backlinks to the homepage, while using brand name anchors.

    I then dug deeper into inner pages that rank for good keywords, and I noticed a similar pattern. For inner pages, this competitor strictly uses keyword rich anchors across outreach posts. No dilution, nothing except keyword rich outreach posts. For very tough keywords, they may have 15-20 backlinks, for lessor keywords, they may have 4-6 outreach backlinks.

    Overall, from the looks of it, it seems that this competitor has strengthened their homepage as much as possible, and then simply gets a dozen backlinks for their inner pages, and that's enough to have them rank very highly for their target keywords.

    Keep in mind, their site wasn't affected by the Fred Update, and based on the stats on Ahrefs, their site is currently receiving 800k monthly unique visitors towards all their inner pages.

    I guess the question is, how many of you are also putting in effort in building quality links to your hompage? I know that I haven't. I have built links, but mostly web 2.0s, and some Google stacks - nothing in terms of outreach posts.
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    Perhaps what you did not find out is the PBNs that is employed with .htaccess blocking spiders.
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    Do not rely on semrush traffic , atleast in my case the tragfic estimate was nowhere near to the real traffic.
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    Well logically the vast bulk of links to a business will be branded and pointing at the home page.
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    Youtube videos rank easier...
    Facebook pages rank easier....
    Yelp Pages rank easier....

    The main reason for that is because of their overall domain authority based on the amount of users/pages/links, yes links on the homepages matter a lot!