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The Importance of Likes

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Madhat27, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Madhat27

    Madhat27 Newbie

    Apr 3, 2014
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    Will You Like Me?

    When it comes to consumer behaviour, people like to ?like? things. Whether it be a local band, a clothing brand or celebrity with a bad fake tan. It seems every page we click on has the same old plea to ?like our page?. We have created a culture that needs to be ?liked?.

    But just how important are those little thumbs-up icons?

    Community Approved

    We take comfort in knowing that we are viewing a page that has been enjoyed by other people - signified by the ?likes?. This information is processed as a certification by that number of people that the page we are viewing delivered on whatever service it looks to provide.

    As such, it?s not surprising that our perception of a page may be altered by the number of ?likes? amassed. Our attitude may become less favorable toward a page with less than ten likes, whereas over one hundred likes may boost our opinion of the site or product.

    This system of rating creates a high social influence and an obvious benchmark for public opinion. When it comes to a choice between two similar pages, the majority will side with the larger ?like? pile.

    Nevertheless, there must be a limit to their influence. Does a site with 8,765,439 ?likes? appeal more than a site with just 8,285,491? Is there a saturation point where more ?likes? cease to matter, or perhaps even turn people away?

    Like this?

    To find out, I put together a small experiment using Amazon Mechanical Turk. With this, the fictitious clothing company ?Kookies? was born. I created a dozen Facebook pages for the site, almost exact copies except for one minor detail: the number of likes.

    The ?like? counts ranged from zero to a million to test the hypothesis that more likes equated to higher approval. These pages were then shown to a large British sample who were then asked to evaluate the page. Each participant viewed one page only. The sample were unaware that the company was fake so the feedback was as genuine as possible.

    Once they had rated the page, I sent them an email containing an additional link to find out more about our company. If they clicked on the link they were automatically sent a message thanking them for their participation in the research and explaining that the clothing company ?Kookies? didn't really exist.

    I was unable to carry out true field test conditions so I couldn?t monitor whether or not customers went on to buy from the company. Nevertheless, the study does give us insight into the power of likes.


    The results were interesting. There was a dramatic difference in the interest shown on those pages with 100s and 1000s of likes compared to those with less. However, once into the hundreds of thousands, the effect appeared to diminish.

    The conclusion: likes may represent an interest in the page, but won?t necessarily translate into purchases. Get your likes to ten thousand to maximize notifications on news feed and then redirect your efforts elsewhere. Investing in your social media following is definitely worthwhile, but there has to be content to convert those potential customers. Another thousand ?likes? won?t impress anyone.

    It seems there is such a thing as liking something too much.
  2. onnelbro86

    onnelbro86 Junior Member

    Nov 18, 2014
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    good share, build quality fan pages is so dificult, need more experience.
  3. stanmoor

    stanmoor Newbie

    Nov 29, 2014
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    I think it matters up to about the 100k mark, then people stop caring